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~Laura~ (pink_knoxvilles) wrote,
@ 2004-04-24 18:27:00
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    o look its saturday....
    so today is saturday and i did absolutly nothing! well i watched orange county with jack black and i worked on the gay research report....great day! i need to get some time in on my bass....i have not played it in awhile....have you heard the new d12 song? i love it! its so great...ironicly, joel from good charlotte could relate very well to that song! i am putting in a request that in their new cd, they have a hidden track of them doing their own version of that song. that would be so great! id love them more then i do now....maybe. but no i am not a little teenie like some of their fans. i do have a very big interest in their music and not just their faces....anyways i guess i better go...
    what up to my westside homies from the ghetto! if you cant see that pick then i am sorry or i just screwed up on it...

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2004-04-25 18:12 (link)
i could see it and i have already seen it hundreds of times. anywoo, you should go to my journal and see if you can see the pic of davey. and comment on my journal once in a while, ya nerd!

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its eme
2004-04-26 15:53 (link)
Bio: Theres really not much to say about me...i mean my user name was inspired by my yeah. i play bass. i love listening to music. i like some punk, mostly im into skater or the "new punk" (<~ w/e that means) call me a poser, i dont care....but good charlotte is the best band in the world...and mest is right behind them...then mxpx. and i have to give love to evanescence because me and amy went to school together...

oh you loser! you and amy KINDA went to school together. but for one, you dont even know if she even for real went to that school or not. and i went there to, mind you!!! carrotsrock, yup i went there to. pine forest elementary school. anyway, i am at school and im bored so i just wanted to say HI! thaw is being evil! im going to call you tonight.

carrotsrock (emily, eme, what have you, what have i not, idk)

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2004-04-27 12:31 (link)
ya need ta update! i do all the time! and look at me im kick ass! lol orange county ya know...heh heh.

I <3 Dead Flowers.


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