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Pineapple fairy (pineapple_fairy) wrote,
@ 2004-04-21 06:37:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:Blaque - I'm Good

    I'M BACK!
    Wooooo. I'm back, the cottage was really really nice, the river Tay was like right outside your window! The first day we went into Perth, i bought jeans from New Look for 17 pound. Then we went to Pizza Hut and got lunch i have an individual thin crust chicken feast pizza and my mum and gran shared a medium veggie pizza. It was really nice.

    Then we got to the cottage about half 3 and unpacked and choose our rooms. It was really nice we stay in different cottages each year. We played Charades and i won as usual! I stayed up until about half one, 2, and then went to bed.

    On Monday we headed back into perth for another day of shopping i got a lovely T-Shirt from MK - One it's pink and it has a picture of a doggies cute face on it and it says "Spoilt Rotton" which suites me! My gran got a few things and so did my mum! We went back to the cottage got dinner and drinks ( i had a glass of wine 2 bacardi and cokes!) and watched "What Lies Beneath", i've seen it before and thought it was pretty good. We played a few other games and then went to bed.

    Today we got up and ready, packed our stuff and decided instead of heading straight back home to go into Dundee and spend again!!! I bought the bag i have been dying for it's a designer bag, .V. expesive it's black and it has cocktail glasses on it made up be sequences with a matching purse. My gran got pj's and a housecoat! Then we went home and i put stuff away and got everything ready for school tomorrow! AHHHH. . . . Had dinner and now thats me here! i pure dont wanna go to school tomorrow i think i should pull a sickie haha nah better not have to much school work!

    Byeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxx

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2004-04-21 16:11 (link)
Hello! Glad you had a good holiday. Lots of shopping....never a bad thing.

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