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mAnDii (pimpincowgurl45) wrote,
@ 2003-04-11 14:45:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Eminem..Sing For the Moment!

    ~!*!~ HeYy ~!*!~
    oMg...hehe thys is muh first jOurnal thingy..sO its gunna suck...but w/e! Ryte nOw i gOtz k*La Over.. n its Our last daii Of SpRiNg BrEaK! uggh.. skOol mOnday..nOt funn.. but newayz.. Our spring break kikd aSs! haha last week me k*la nikki callie britt liz ash lauren n chelsea all went 2 Panama city 2getha.. n that was fuNn as *HELL!* lOl den thys week we all went 2 destin w/ tha guyz ((nick, kyle, josh, dustin, ryan, cody, josh p, jaker, and chris)) haha it was tYtE.. but we all left destin earlii cuz it rained lyk tha whOle tyme..sum gay shzzitte... hehe but yea...sOo 2day me n k*La juSs chylled...n nick -n- meeh brOke up last nyte :-( uggh.. ObviOusly he brOke up wid me..but w/e.. ill fynd anOther guy.. i thynk lOl! but 2day is lyk tha first tyme weve seen tha sun since we left panama...n its finally warm again...whOo hOo! lol k well i dOnt have nemOre2 write.. sOo cOme baq layder kk...xOoXx ----mandii----

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