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babii gurl (piimpxdarcii) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 10:41:00
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    Current mood:awsome
    Current music:<3 sea paul.. get busii

    just got bak from campin
    hey guys.. geez i havent wrote in thiz friggin thing ina madd long tym.. i been campin.. hell yea! i had madd fun too. of corse i wus in connecticut so u kno i wus havin sum fun. i wus wit muh gurl sara.. we went to the beach n shyt it wus kewl... i didnt wanna leave tho but its straight. yea we wus playin ball wit sum guyz.. well boys they were lyk 11 ta 13 u, no thanx i got muh babii troy.. <3 n this boy vj is lyk 14 and sara kinda likes him :aw: he does got sum pretty eyes.. they are lyk a huskies eyes.. yep! yea so sara lyks him lyk WhOa... n i seriously think that he be lykin her too but she dun think so.. she dosent think she pretty n that pisses me tha fuq off! cus she is! geez.. she dosnt realize it at all... geez sara i hate u! lol.. j/p u kno i luv u! yea n me n sara was lyk chillin lyk everiiwhere..ridin bikes lyk alllll friggin day! hey sara we got madd muscles now! lolol...and swmmin at tha beach.. n puttin ^ wit tha arguments.. :'( but its straight.. havin guyz starin us down which pissed us both off...some even lyk stopped n shyt.. ugh! that when troy needs to be wit me so he can beast all them motherfuqerz down! lol...well i want him with me alwayz.. :'( but yea.. n me n sara had to put ^ wit tim.. omg.. sara ok we arent thinkin nething negative when it comes to him.. ok when he ''spaces out'' hes ALWAYZ friggin lookin at us.. i mean they cant se that??!?!! ugh nvm it dun sweat it grl we kno.. thats all... riite?! lol :-) yea but we had madd fun.. omg n ciarrai! geez dun even get this gurl started!!! yea mii sunburn still fuqin hurts! :'( well ima be out here ina hott minute...u kno im cravin som madd m&mz.. lol....luv yaz!

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