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Piers Rent (piersrent) wrote,
@ 2011-10-04 15:00:00
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    Do not get caught without an Exit Condition Report
    When you are dealing with a tenancy arrangement in Queensland, it may seem like there is an endless amount of paperwork to complete. It is however, very good to remember that the documents legally required are meant to make the rental process easier and more equitable. Even if your property is not in Queensland you can still download the forms online and use them to protect both yourself and your tenant.
    An Exit Condition Report also know as the Exit Condition Form is required in Queensland when a tenant moves out. This is a simple form that is completed by both the tenant and the landlord or landlord’s agent. The Exit Condition Form is first completed by the tenant on the day that they are moving out. They must note any damages to the property and also whether or not they are leaving anything behind. The tenant’s responsibility is to make sure that the property is left in the same condition that it was when they moved in – making allowances for normal wear and tear. The landlord or their agent will then also do a walk-through the property and complete their section of the property. They will note the cleanliness of the place and also any damages that appear to be present – in short, the condition of the property. You can get more information on this by contacting a property management Brisbane professional.
    If you do not live in Queensland, the Exit Condition form is not a legal requirement but, as any professional property managers Brisbane will tell you, these forms are a great reference point for anyone that wishes to become successful as a landlord. Before your tenant moves in, document any damages and decide whether or not you are going to fix them or leave them as is. If you decide to leave the damages as they are, ensure that you document exactly what is wrong. Taking photos is a good idea in order to document damages. Otherwise, your tenant could end up claiming that damages were present when they moved in and that they did not damage anything.
    Overall, the forms put in place by the Queensland authorities make it possible to protect the rights of both the tenants and landlords. The forms have been carefully thought out and every effort has been made to cover all bases. These forms can be used as a reference point for all states. The main thing to remember is that these forms need to be completed timeously – i.e.: As soon as the tenant moves out so that disputes can be handled quickly.

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