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jen (picnicforpeapus) wrote,
@ 2004-03-26 09:55:00
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    IM BACK!!!!!!
    i love sigi, she's so awesome and i told her she could start updating if she wants and share my journal but i don't know if she will or not. so yes, im in social studies right now and i got someone to do the work for me so i really didn;t do anything. the play is this weekend which kinda blows my entire weekend but its ok i don't do anything and i just hang out with matt and natalie. i have to sell tickets today during lunch yay!! uh yeah i haven't seen colin in a while which is weird im not used to going this long without hanging out with him. i think im going to fail ceramics which is funny but oh well i dont care. i still have half an hour until this class is over and i have to pretend to be busy, maybe i should some of the work i have to do, probably not. yesterday was fun it was a lot of matt and i hanging out outside playing with the v-stick and being mean mean people. i still have to sit through science and spanish before my day is over then im either going to go home and sleep or im going to find something fun to do. my spain trip is cancelled (duh) and now i have to find somewhere else to go over the summer. well now i must go. later.

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2004-03-31 18:16 (link)
I love Sigi too!

I was sitting online and I thought "woah!" I haven't read crazy Jen Clarke's Blurty in quite some time, I must get back to that. So here I am, and I plan on staying. Mwhahah.

I just thought about you and your addiction. It has now become my mission to alert the general public of your not-so-good habit of hitting the crack pipe from time to time. Am I the only one that sees this?
I am crazy because I am laughing so hard that I am crying. (I don't know how to explain it, but the thought of you on crack seriously makes me piss my pants laughing.) Perhaps it is I that is the crack addict, eh? Enough talk about crack. I've said the word far too many times in the past minute or so.

Please. If you want to benefit the human race, boycott Colin Stockdale. Let's pull together and get him shipped off to Antarctica!


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2004-06-24 14:07 (link)
molly you arent as cool as me ..and i have a bangin ass skirt that i'm wearing it's tight( well i mean that in the slang way ..but it is kinda tight) it's da bomb ..and im going to set your facve on fire ,
greg stockdale

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2004-06-24 14:09 (link)
oh man, greg, youre cool. and i like it when you wear those tight skirts, its hot. you are cooler than molly but only because youre greg stockdale. and molly is still awesome just no one can compete with you.

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2004-06-26 12:35 (link)
umm jen your a big dyke ..and im going to kill you ..i have no idea what your talking about and niether do you

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2004-06-26 13:33 (link)
wow colin i hate you a lot

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