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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-19 10:09:00
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    Is 100 years old old too longevity secret thunder person's three meals don't leave a Sou rice gruel
    Ate the food of hair Sou, since the disadvantage is at health, severity of also arouse poisoned, this is the person to to the utmost know of living common sense.However, melt Anne county the east rise good village village chicken hole of country Tun but have an acceptance of persons eats a Sou rice gruel of 100-year-old old woman, and she this habit unexpectedly kept as long as more than 70 years.The old man nameds remaining kid sister, this year already full 100 years old, the body plank is robust, ear the astute eyes are clear, cook, do laundry, slice pig vegetables, bring up a very heavy Shao bucket to come off stage the rank feeds a pig to the pigsty and waits on to make clean vegetables of grass prosperous after the house the kitchen garden ……these household choreses live,cheap sunglasses and D and G Aviator Sunglasses she is dry the all unlike young man is bad at 1:00.Start to ask the old man's longevity secret, unexpectedly love to drink a Sou rice gruel.Originally, the old man is as early as 20 many year old drink last Sou rice gruel.In the age that she lives, the day leads very hardly and cooks a good white rice gruel in the morning, the night delivered Sou to also loathe to give up to pour to go and only wore salty vegetables to eat.Gradually, the remaining old woman drinks a Sou rice the gruel unexpectedly drank to become addicted, felt a Sou rice the gruel Be fresh and cool to counteract poison, especially digest.Especially in summer, is also three meals to all can not get away from a Sou rice gruel on the first.It reveals, afterwards live good, very difficult drink again to deliver Sou of rice gruel, remaining old woman then especially the idea early and early cook a rice gruel well,Womens VERSACE Sunglasses and Oakley Polarized Sunglasses stayed to arrive to deliver Sou to eat again on the second day.The old man's grandchildrens tell writer, health condition in old man's house has been very good and lived 100 years old, how scarcely once got sick, don't even lift to go to the hospital.In addition to the love drinks a Sou rice gruel, she has no different place in the food, living and ordinary people at ordinary times.

    Article source see more:Total amount foot-hand -and -mouth epidemic 420,000 dies 260

    Public Chinese medicine hospital in Anhui reforms the doctor in the persistence to lay equal stress on

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