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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-08 15:48:00
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    Is honourable to come off stage
    Contents: It is honourable the personnel of period coming off stage a Korean turmoil to appoint to mostly proceed from political consideration.Therefore, originally served as the national defense superior of Korea to Li Qi Peng of national defense know-nothing, result, he handles many problems after taking a post hesitant, very not get dint, president Li Cheng late makes a firm decision to take him away.At this time, Li Qi Peng's wife appeared publicly.Li Cheng late sees Li Qi Peng's wife's plain Ma Li Ya's eyes in full is the vision of grudge,cheap sunglasses quickly say to her:I see the healthy circumstance of your husband worse.To know isn't the person a body most importantly?Therefore I am to have intention to let him rest rest.Li Cheng late and skillfully covered up many inconvenience to speak oscular words with the healthy reason.But, plain Ma Li Ya didn't be persuaded and rebuked with sarcastic remarks a way:I feel that he didn't°yet be to the degree that can not work extent.Li Cheng is late tiny to say with smile:In fact, he really of hard working achievement high of national defense superior.I appoint him to make the nation get many advantages.You also know that many important event pieces all just can successfully solve by him.But, even if he is very capable, if I hold tight him not to put and make him tired from rushing around on duty, that his health how again?Affirming will fall sick from overwork of,mens sunglasses you say is be not?Plain Ma Li Ya faces to emphasize again and again that Li Qi Peng was Li Cheng Wan who is honourable to come off stage, had nothing to say any further.Feeling Wu:Li Cheng late with concern Li Qi Peng's health is from, let him come off stage, even if plain Ma Li Ya's in the mind isn't happy, can have again what say.

    see more:AQSIQ takes out to check a child ha ha the white grape juice beverage germ fall to amount over-standard

    The nutritionist suggests eat cold dish in summer proper add a spring onion of the garlic wait anti-virus vegetables

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