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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-05 15:51:00
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    A flows the amount of vaccines supply falls short of demand egg supply check and supervision vaccin
    China is the first nation that can apply A type H1 N1 flu vaccine in the world.As early as September 7 this year, China countersigned the first qualified vaccine product that can carry out immunity to inoculate.From the that time up to now, A flows a vaccine business enterprise always to revolve in the full burden ground.But for all that, the production comes out of vaccine amount still supply falls short of demand.Produce a car than the clean operating room originally, mysterious A flows vaccine is from the egg in withdraw, the egg needed by vaccine production, each value CNY is 2 dollars, came from to passed by the chicken of special feeding, the whole production line have to at"more even clean than operating room" car production ……was located in the section interest living creature product in Peking of northern big living creature city limited company,womens sunglasses had 100,000 A to flow vaccine process every day the bottle-washer be after putting out germ, cent bottle, Ya cover, light check, sticking a mark and packing a box six steps sent into each area of Peking county, is go to the whole whole country.Large numbers of quantity ground production vaccine needs a great deal of virus, WHO provides of the poisonous Shu only have a seed, the amount is less, is not enough the batch quantity produce vaccine, therefore need to carry on expanding to the virus first.Currently, international in general use way of doing, make use of chicken Pei to carry on breeding to the virus.The chicken Pei is the egg that has been conceived.From egg to finished product vaccine, the period generally takes 20 days."Grow" in egg the vaccine is used for the egg that breeds virus isn't a common egg, they have to from those healthy body, have never had vaccine and have never used antibiotics, and the age livings out at"mother Ji" of 28 thoughtful 35 weeks ofs.The treatment of these"mother Ji"s isn't general either:What to eat is natural animal feed, the animal feed that still has already kept secret formula during the period of giving the vaccine factory provide egg waits upon, and what to drink is after clean water of special processing.Because can not have any vaccine, the resistibility of these"mother Ji"s is the lowest, they have to sleep specially clean, the chicken of whole closingses give up.In addition to chicken field staff member, can not have anyone to bother.These"gold egg"s that press to request to must be porcelain white, each price approaches 2 dollars, on the market a catty of egg however 3.5 dollars is or so.This kind of at first was produced to the sea orchid white egg of the United States is exactly one of the key original materials that A flowed vaccine.In Peking, the section interest company made into one specific name: these eggs to put out to live vaccine for craze influenza virus of"hope blessing is lately".This company is one of 8 companies that China acquires production A to flow vaccine qualifications.The task in everyday of"mother Ji" is the egg that together makes "once conceived" with rooster.These eggs will be put into wet box of city of a constant temperature with feat temperature Heng.The fifth day, will the professional personnel of hennery see through under the light-this is the first pass, the professional technical term calls "shine on check";Actually being 1 can become"true egg" of a chicken baby, still producing a can send to "leave egg" of dining table.Only those"true egg" would be sent to vaccine production factory from the hennery by the special conveyance car, however, can not longer than 10 days.According to the rules, creating the egg that A flows vaccine has to to the 11th day accept AN evil effect Shu that is provided by WHO on the 9th day.These eggs are after getting to vaccine factory still need to experience a second pass:Another time strictly shines on check.The staff member is dark house of in one in, project light upon with the light, just see under the light which eggs in have the head, blood vessel of chick-this be why had better choose the egg in porcelain white-white of eggshell most benefit in distinguish in the light bottom.Those have never conceive, grown crannied white egg of worthless scoundrel or eggshell can be left in the garbage can."True egg" passing then is chosen, according to the head size be greatly been divided into, three medium and small grades, the 36 per set is respectively placed 6 specially made dishes at 6 ×s up, in a few hours, use pinhole similar thick thinly stretch forward sting into plant into poison Shu, henceforth in 23 days, the virus will quickly breed in the egg.Is general to come to speak, use pinhole infusion poison the egg of the Shu will be natural in the third to 1 to withdraw a virus liquid egg-born chicken Pei.In fact, the egg conceiving is in fact the production environment that wants to provide to the virus a nourishment enrich, the chick produces of the amniotic fluid is A to flow the place that the virus breeds.Immediately after, the staff member wants to withdraw the amniotic fluid in the eggshell punctually, the inside is a virus result liquid-if the degree of heating led, till the 16th day, that livinged not to become chicken Pei any further, but adult eat at ordinary times of hair egg.After, the chick and the eggshell in the egg completed all missions.They will be packed to go into a kind of specially made of 3 sign square rice of in"cauldron", "cooking" in 121 ℃ heat high pressures for 15 minutes.Wait until them to come out again, have already become "egg thick soup" of having no virus.Because fear these"egg thick soup" be regarded as a food inflow market by the illegal Tu, because of, they from section interest the making a contract of company cooperate a business enterprise to pull to walk and make into animal feed.But those virus liquid drive join again to put out to live after withdrawing, kill a cause, make the virus lose infection ability, but still keep the antigen of virus.Again has been purely turned, crack solution etc. a series of process, the vaccine is basic to form.From inject the virus into chicken Pei to producing a vaccine, about need 45 days.The egg supplies the check and supervision vaccine the production when the vaccine production contends for dividing Duo second, the supply of "vaccine egg" became a key.Is also say, the production of vaccine is subjected to check and supervision of the egg yield.Since June 15, the staff member of section cheerful company namely works for 6.2 days weekly, every day have 70,000 sea orchid white egg be made into 100,000-120,000 vaccines, all drive nation accept to keep, mainly supply Peking region.Everyday 70,000 eggses is also a section interest company of two provide the goods the company can provide of the biggest quantity.Although the vaccine production line can be gentle to turn production, quickly extension, can provide the egg of qualified chicken Pei but more rigid, there is the restriction to provide an egg period.Is former production season flu vaccine, section interest the company request hennery to start supplying a sea orchid in February white egg, the hennery starts keeping a chicken on November in first year and in December or importing the egg hatch from eggs by himself/herself.These chickens are as totally different as the supply chicken Pei animal feed for the animal feed that the market supplies an egg at ordinary times, change animal feed for chicken a month in advance at least, so as to promise a supply manufacturing A's flowing the chicken Pei of vaccine nourishment is ample."Just A flows suddenly an outbreak this year, lately old egg temporary shortage, just cause this kind of special egg supply be more opposite than a demand Be getting less,cheap sun glasses appear some circumstances that rob to order an egg."Section interest company quality check department personnel say, " egg that we use now is May, this year to order."Chinese disease controls director beam Xiao in immunity programming center in center Feng introduction:An egg produces now of the poisonous amount of Shu ratio expect low, a chicken Pei probably can produce 1.5 personal vaccines of.On these grounds rough calculation, 100,000,000 people the vaccine about need 67,000,000 chicken Peis, namely 6700 eggs.According to on the average each egg is 0.13 catties of calculation works, from this year 8Half year of the spring in from month to next year inside, altogether drop depletion 4,300,000 kilogram eggs.

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