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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-05 15:47:00
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    WHO:Influenza A virus variation belongs to an occasional phenomenon
    World Health Organization announces press communique to say on the 20th, Norway etc. country recently monitor arrive of the A﹝ H1 N1 ﹞ variation case belonged to occasional and self-moving phenomenon, didn't result in the Tu of being infected the number increase or the increment of the advanced case and death case.The expert of WHO is evaluating this kind of variation to result in to the public hygiene of influence.Video frequency:WHO calls that Influenza A virus variation belongs to an occasional phenomenon.Source:CCTV 《news syndication 》 WHO says in the official gazette,womens sunglasses Norway health section notified 3 A﹝ H1 N1 ﹞ variation case, including two death cases and an advanced case case recently.The similar virus variation once discovered as well in country in the United States, Mexico and Ukraine, Japan and Brazil etc. in times before.The official gazette says that from the circumstance for having been already controled to see, don't discover the contact with any existence of minority of sufferers of the variation virus of the infection swine flu ﹝H1N1﹞ , therefore this kind of variation belong to occasional and self-moving phenomenon, the variation virus isn't extensive to spread in the crowd, while virussafe medicine and A type H1 N1 flu vaccine using currently still can produce result to the variation virus.Although more detailed survey is still carrying on in the middle, still had no evidence to show this kind of variation virus to cause the Tu of being infected the number increase or the increment of the advanced case and death case.WHO says in still just another official gazette on that day,cheap sun glasses has already reported the confirmed case of the swine flu ﹝H1N1﹞ to WHO up to the November 15, at least 206 nations in the world and region and includes at least 6770 death cases among them.The virus continues to spread in Northern Hemisphere big parts of regions currently, however the epidemic situations of the United States and parts of regions in Western Europe seem to be already to arrive high peak.

    see more:United Nations report calls 5,000,000 teenagers in the world to be infected moxa Zi disease

    German the virus infection cucumber affairs death toll rises to 14 people

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