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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-04 15:14:00
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    The health department releases for 2009 the middle of the years, country hygiene ten greatest newse
    The health department convenes a routine news conference on the morning of January 12, 2010 and releases for 2009 the middle of the years, the country hygiene is ten greatest newses.A, deepen medicine health system to reform a work overall start.In April, 2009, medium total the center, State Department print the hair 《concerning deepen medicine health system reform of opinion 》 and in the near future particularly carry out a project, put forward 2020 medicine health system reform of target, principle and policy measure, cure to change a work overall start.Department concerned and everywhere according to party the center and the deployment and request of State Department, practical strengthen a leadership, sound work mechanism, thin turn to carry out a project, establish a kit policy, carry out funds devotion, each work progress contains preface.Cure to change the request that the work comes to a "open a good bureau and started", the masses of the people acquires the real benefit of "can see, touch wear".Two, the total secretary of Hu Jintao,mens sunglasses premier Wen Jia Bao call on the infected person of the virus, medical personnel and volunteer of the disease of moxa Zi respectively.The total secretary of Hu Jintao takes part in the volunteer activity of prevention and cure moxa in the capital city Zi disease on November 30, 2009, representative party the center, to for prevent and cure moxa Zi disease to be the large medical and health worker of a contribution and volunteer to mean a sincere salute.Premier Wen Jia Bao in State Department investigates the house of red silk ribbon in Peking on December 1, 2009 and calls on the infected person of the virus, medical personnel and volunteer of the disease of moxa Zi, and manage to convene symposium, hear the opinion and suggestion of the expert to the moxa Zi disease preventing and curing.Three, the epidemic situation of the swine flu ﹝H1N1﹞ defend to control a work to obtain a stage achievement.In 2009, face the epidemic situation of unexpected global the swine flu ﹝H1N1﹞ , everywhere, each section and large medical and health worker at party the center, tightly depend on the social everyone's support under the leadership of State Department, insist by law, science, have a preface to defend to control, effectively eased an epidemic situation to the healthy harm of the masses of the people, with maximum limit reduced the occurrence of advanced case and death case, with maximum limit eased an epidemic situation to economy society development and the masses of the people's production, life of influence, obtained the epidemic situation of the swine flu ﹝H1N1﹞ to defend the stage of controling the work achievement.Four, 《food safe method 》 promulgate and implement.On February 28, 2009, 11 seventh-time the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress meeting reviews passed 《food safe method 》 , and from implement from June 1.Everywhere, each section hard carry out 《food safe method 》 , enlargement food safety work strength, implement a food safety to take charge of a job by law, the sound food safety takes charge of system, organizes to develop a national food safety to restructure a work and supports the masses of the people to slice a body benefits.Five, the national grass-roots medical and health unit study to practice science development view activity to have a preface to develop.Since September, 2009, each grass-roots medical and health unit in the whole country take"implementation cure to change a task, raise service level, improve a medical ethics to cure breeze, promote people healthily" as total fulfillment to carry a body, study practice science development view activity and unified thought understanding, push each work and strengthen basic organization construction combine together, put forth effort to solve the hygiene problem that the masses of the people concerns, study to practice an activity to obtain real results.Six, medical science house the honest comrade to king has the honor of acquiring in the Year 2008's the national tallest science technique prize.On January 9, 2009, on national science technique reward general assembly, Peking Altar of Heaven the director from reputation in hospital, bureau chief, Chinese engineering, hospital academician's king honest comrade of neurosurgery graduate school in Peking City have the honor of acquiring in the Year 2008's the national tallest science technique prize.This is the second to meet with the medical science house of this unusual honor after the Wu Meng Chao comrade.Seven, the hygiene etc. section to actively establishes "peaceful hospital".In June, 2009, occurrence in province Nan-ping City, Fukien seriously cures to suffer from dispute affairs and arouses a society to extensively pay attention to.When month, national the continuous concentration medical order affairs of 7 serious disturbances happen, the society influences very and greatly.The sections like hygiene,etc is high to this to value, immediately adopt measure to give appropriate solution, effectively supported society stability.The department concerned requests everywhere further strengthen a medical organization public order comprehensive manage to manage with inner part in the hospital, perfect reserve diagnosis and treatment and complain a processing, push medical dispute of people's intermediation and medical liability insurance, adopt emollient measure stroke"cure to make" waits illegal criminal offence, excellent turn a medical treatment to keep an industry of environment, maintenance cure to suffer from both parties legal rights.Eight, the various communities deep concern occupational disease prevent and cure a work.The medium reported farmer work in 2009 Zhang Hai Chao"open chest to check lung" wait a series occupational disease the sufferer maintain the rights case, the occupational disease prevention and cure work arouses national department concerned and various communities extensive concern.The health department printed to deliver 《health department concerning strengthen the notice that occupational disease diagnosis and consultation manage a work further 》 in August and requested to strengthen occupational disease diagnosis and consultation management to strengthen the occupation hygiene technique service network construction to strengthen the training and technique guidance to diagnose the professional personnel to occupational disease everywhere.Nine, the medical quality safety management problem arouse a society to widespreadly pay attention to.2009 the medium reported baby patient death in child hospital in Nanking City to wait medical safe affairs at the end of every year, the medical quality safety managing became the focus of public concern.The health department convenes to strengthen a medical quality safety management video frequency a meeting and carries on a notification to the survey concerning affairs processing result and asks national medical organization to draw to take precept from it and cites as lesson to be learned, practical set up the medical service principle of "take patient as center", carry out medical core of safe system,cheap sun glasses work well a medical quality safety managing.Ten, the health department announce for the very first time Chinese residents healthy cultivated manners survey result.The healthy cultivated manners survey of Chinese residents suggests that the our country residents have the total level of healthy cultivated manners as 6.48% as a result, expert's suggesting a suggestion should devote major efforts to push forward healthily promote and healthily educate a work, raise civil healthy cultivated manners level.This survey 31 provinces(autonomous region, direct jurisdiction city) in the overlay whole country and production in Xinjiang construction large unit, survey object is 15-69-year-old permanent population, add up to investigate 79542 people.

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