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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-04 15:12:00
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    Kid's being born is supervised and controled man Nu to point leakiness information in the hospital
    Do for two years, the father's grandiosity Liu finally gets away from those kid- related harassment telephones, because he abandons original cellular phone need not.Two in the last yearses, he grows up at the kid of each link will be subjected to store's harassment and recommend infant's thing to him.Be compelled to change number"these people's circumstance to the kids are clearer than me." Grandiosity Liu says that a few telephones of milk powder factory house beat to come over right after kid got out of the hospital;Didn't°yet full moon, shave the telephone of foetus hair and upsurge;Didn't°yet full 100 days, take a picture of telephone again this that Fu ……recent, the telephone of upscale kid's park again beat in come.Two in the last yearses, the telephone of insurance company has never stopped."Magic BE, these people not only know the kid's date of birth and sex and connect our to live ground where all very clear, so clap the telephone that 100 days shine on is almost a family."Once, the other party unexpectedly beat the signal of "the Fu took care of the young to care a hospital", declared come a time visit, carried on new born's survey,womens sunglasses cautiously cross-examine just know is promoted a milk powder.Grandiosity Liu is worried that the kid's information no longer knows a quilt how much business the organization take go to, from the birth of from day, the kid is forced the supervision of being placed in these stores in."I know that my own cellular phone waits personal information to contain the possibility to is betrayed to the store, so I to stranger or scarcely stay my own true cellular phone while taking part in a business activity.But when the lover is at the hospital I was devoutly to leave true cellular phone of I and lover at the hospital."Grandiosity Liu says that at that time his basically having never thought an information will be revealed, the smooth birth that thoughts of for the sake of the kid, promise the hospital can seek oneself at any time, so trusted ground to wait own cellular phone personal information to hand over to a hospital in detail."Unexpectedly, I these information or reveal to go out from the hospital.""Though each time immediately after the telephone of these stores I am very fidgety, because relate to kid, I each time will patiently the politely connect to listen to these telephones." Grandiosity Liu says that force can't, straight-tempered can change a cellular phone.Is the hospital delinquent in duty?"I dare to affirm the information of our house be reveal to go out from the hospital."Grandiosity Liu says that they really believe a hospital, so requests to fill at the hospital what form, provide what kind of information, they all really match with, very anxious to hand over ancestor eight informations to all treat out.Hospital also performance responsible."For the sake of the kid's health, we find out toward the doctor what brand of milk powder to like.How can anyone know the doctor's righteousness positive phrase strictly says, 'any milk powder as long as match a nation standard, all can, we can not do an advertisement for store'."Whenever the Liu grandiosity starts to recall this act and also often express to the doctor respects and admires of feeling.How can anyone know just got out of the hospital to have no for several days, the telephone of milk powder factory house make track for come."I immediately remember while receiving that telephone, that milk powder factory sponsor who is a hospital in the house, the kid is at the hospital all of a lot of things using are this milk powder factory houses to provide.The "grandiosity Liu says that" milk powder factory house doesn't conceal as well and directly tell me the information that they acquire from the hospital."Henceforth, continuously of harassment telephone closely upon heels and since then after, grandiosity Liu appreciates to the hospital of feeling also immediately decrease.Information value from be born 2 years old, the kid's information drive milk powder, cut hair, take a picture, the store of education etc. each stage control and almost covered each link that the kid grows up.Be like Liu grand the parent like this consumes more rational, always don't sink into to go in pre-established consumption trap in the store.But, the many people was dragged along into from the missing a kid in ten thousand matters principle.Mr. Lin is such a person.After kid is born, his parts of telephones in receivings don't reject and for example shave foetus hair, oneself can't deal with, and someone comes service to save heart very much on his/her own initiative;Shine on for 100 days mutually, he feels a flower 12,000 dollars to are also as it should be.Certainly, Mr. Lin has already felt not as it should be as well of, that is to purchase insurance for the kid a bit rush.At that time, the insurance salesman of the Ling tooth Li Chi recommended insurance with wased advantageous to kid's life longed hasing already invested a meaning to grow to him, he felt for the sake of the kid of should buy in the future bottom,cheap sun glasses hence grind teeth to spend more than 10,000 dollars to buy next.How can anyone know afterwards, understand more thorough Mr. Lin's detection to the insurance this insurance bought at that time rush, because still have a better product.For the sake of the kid, the parent hardly has already loved money.So, as long as being advantageous to the kid's affair, they will do.This for concentrated on the stores of little son economy to provide convenient door.This is also the value place of pregnant woman information chain.

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    The young girl is bitten by pet insect the bone erosion to paralyzing to remind don't with dog too intimate

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