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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-31 17:35:00
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    Connect stalk to see ball world cup the Liao pour fan everyplace emergency call the patient urgentl
    The world cup jollification opens a match.Everywhere fan while reveling, also cause many problems.Recently, the patient from acute disease in hospital sharply soars everywhere.Doctor's reminding a patient , when effort sees ball, have to notice Lao Yi to combine.The husband sees wife Qiu Nu mow the wrist orthopedics in Red Cross hospital in Hangzhou City to accept to cure a woman who mowed a wrist suicide recently, leading the fire Suo was "the husband saw world cup".The front of the sickbed, one wears deep red color T-shirt, everywhere facial middle age man, ever and anon touch the fingertip that the woman peeps out."He is a chemisette husband.Husband in"the nurse says that" to wife, really very good, these two days, care gets very thoughtful.Think impassability, how can see the ball attending to not and up a wife?"Ask a man what is the row, he noodles dew bitterness mutually, first cushion 1:"I do Be getting more quite good, wife Deng just sees world cup after going to bed."Then 15110 grounds of processes that speak of a wife to mow wrist.Originally, for visiting England is that ball to American brigade, the man sits up to see ball, a sleep noon till the second day.The pretty wife is ill to do breakfast for him, but often calls to come to not, both parties have quarrel, one Nu pickeds up under the woman knife from destroy.The day patient of finals will more orthopedicses depend on to shake a doctor to say, recently several day, because see the world cup get sick the person in the hospital, pretty many.Just consulted the male patient of an ophthalmology sickroom in the morning,cheap sun glasses it is said that saw the world cup getting drunk and making Teng in the bar, being beaten a night ago.The emergency room Ma Wei director doctor is on duty for several days recently.World cup horse doctor livings to say, first, , the emergency room night class got up for the favour.Among them with external injury, alcoholism and digest way issue of blood is lord, the big part gets drunk or drinks a digest way issue of blood in big gear in the bar or the wayside.Have plenty of to see ball to arouse dispute, fight.Doctor Ma Wei is an emergency room doyen doctor.He says that the world cup is a for four years, oneself also had some experience.The busy degree of the emergency room night class in world cup period directly links with world cup progress.Experience by the past horse doctor livings to say, , arrived world cup on July 21/4 finals, drunk with wine the fan fighting is probably several.(《City quickly report 》 )enter an excited heart attack of ball to relapse "I am the iron pole of Brazil brigade", love athletics especially and particularly like football in normal times in Li Da Dun Ye, four years world cup was like more to observe a festival.Hence, from open match till now he is a don't fall, the field field necessarily sees.At 7:30 p.m. and 10.2 from the not in context of present discussion, even later half of the night at 2:30 of he doesn't pass as well and in the center sleep a short while and climb when the time comes, have been seeing a sky bright.The dawn of June 152:30, Brazil brigade and Korean brigade game, this allows of no more to miss to Li Da Dun Ye.First half field one ball in the Brazil didn't enter and made the big Ye become nervous the last fire.Is well easy, the game carries on to 55 minutes, the zero degree Cape of Brazil ball star enter the ball let the people of this world shout.Concussion thousand times of Li Da Dun Ye loudly shout bravo, can at this time, he suddenly feels that the acute pain is before the chest.The family members immediately make the complexion pallor sending to Chen Zhou hospital of he.The emergency call is doctor's one check, confirm for"emergency call myocardial infarction", have to the surgical operation otherwise have dangerous life right away.Connect stalk to see ball each kind of volley of disease not only heart the cerebral disease cause because of world cup, the reporter is in the Mukden hospital in the medical college in Chen Yang, city fourth people's hospital, city seven people the hospital understood while covering, the emergency call quantity and related section room amount of out-patient service of each hospital all has ascension recently.Because sit up and connect the stalk turn to see ball,Womens Nike Sunglasses the emotion motion drank to eat between meals while rising and falls, and seeing ball etc., many people appeared low blood sugar, dizzy, headache, confused, suffer from insomnia, disgusted vomit, serious constipation, diarrhea and spirit Wei Mi and eyes dry swollen pain, see misty etc. symptom."Revel of can not forget at the same time healthy of importance", expert reminds, the world cup wants to keep on for a month, for canning betterly enjoy this football royal feast, the fans must notice a science ground arrangement good daily timetable and live living to still want regulation and promise sleep, can not eat and drink too much at one meal, eat more vegetable and fruits, insist appropriate athletics sport, "only have health, so as to protect chance to enjoy seeing, and don't harm body".

    see more:The health department means that the individual region lacks blood to present to normalize trend

    The head international disaster medical science high peak forum in Shanghai holds

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