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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-29 16:03:00
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    The method that is virtuous to develop the gene with in brief viable stimulant examination
    Under the pecuniary aid of anti- stimulant organization in the world, German researcher successfully develops a kind of gene stimulant examination method recently, needs to be conducted blood tested to examine whether an athlete injects gene stimulant and even if inject time for long two months.The gene stimulant injects particular muscle part, will produce a great deal of hormone the human body to combine stimulate to urge red cell to grow plain(EPo) wait material of secrete, help the body to exercise thus function,armani aviator sunglasses exaltation sport result.Want to examine gene stimulant to be very difficult.Is German beautiful because of Ci university and diagram guest root university to announce an official gazette to say on September 2, two researcher of the schools make use of a kind of tDNA(transfered to take off the oxygen pit sugar nucleic acid) that they developed before now to track technique to examine the tDNA in the blood.The human body oneself can't produce tDNA, if examine a tDNA, so the athlete may take gene stimulant very much.The researcher is on rat carries on experimenting,cheap sun glasses result rat's injecting gene stimulant can still examine after two months.The researcher immediately after examined 327 blood kind of athletes again and also expressed this method safety as a result effective.The official gazette says:"The few months can also examine after whether once injects gene stimulant, this saves a fluky athlete to have good Zu to frighten a function to the heart."

    see more:Return pure sweet tea of true hall be pointed to take a food to be drugs to sell to be suspected of deceitful publicity

    Asia's moving a radicle will visit to return a true hall is refused to call no longer and it any interaction

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