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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-29 16:01:00
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    Canadian expert calls hair or early-warning heart attack
    Some researchers in Canada say that may contain the important information for having something to do with human body pressure, or can foresee the risk of cardiovascular disease in the person's hair.Does the pressure record pediatric Medicine in western University of Ontario in Canada to learn to learn to teach the boon of Ji Di with poison reason?Section Lun and its research team discover including the hormone skin quality Chun of a kind of reflection pressure size in the hair.The skin quality Chun is the adrenal glands skin quality hormone that withdraws from the adrenal glands skin the quality, have to the sugar metabolism stronger promote a function.Is exactly a skin quality the Chun let the machine body is under the pressure status maintenance normal physiology function, make an effective reaction.The American interest science website cites the research result of the team of section Lun reports and be located in skin of head outside of the hair is in fact a 1 F horniness, there is no metabolism, don't have a life characteristic, is the cell of death.But, the hair follicle of hair is live.Once the person suffers outside pressure, the skin quality Chun in the blood will through the hair in the skin of head thin blood vessel infiltration hair hair follicle, grow to store down along with the hair.Generally speaking,Cheap Giorgio Armani Sunglasses hair the growth is about one Li rice monthly, everybody's hair may include in few months of long-term pressure information.The "hair tells me and took place what on past 10 months inside your body, " section Lun says that"I even can know an every month you experience which variety."Ke Lun says that some research results suggest in times before, relevant skin quality information of the Chun can reserve in the hair for at least 6 months, but some mummy hairs for discovering in Peru in, the skin quality Chun information stopped over 1500.Foresee risk researcher say, the skin quality Chun content inside the human body leads Gao to cause a cardiovascular disease.Can predict the risk that some crowds contract a heart attack through the skin quality Chun content in the measurement hair.Section Lun and its research team sample hair sample to launch an experiment in 120 male sufferers from cardiovascular section in Israeli plum Er, medical center.Among them, the half sufferer gets a heart attack, another the half has chest pain or chest infection symptom.Ke Lun explained, choose male sufferer on the other hand because the heart attack is more familiar in the male, on the other hand is because the difference of the hormone in the male and female body may cause experiment as a result prohibit indeed.The researcher chose the 3 recent Li rice hair of leaving the skin of head to launch a research and pressed the skin quality Chun contented a height to is divided into 4 sets: sufferer.The skin quality Chun content is lowest in a set of sufferer, have the having of symptom of heart attack 32%;Skin quality Chun content's tallest sufferer win and have the having of symptom of heart attack 68%."Certainly, this isn't the unique(factor), " section Lun says that"but the skin quality Chun inducts the important factor of the dead of impatient myocardial Geng."The Ji needs an argument section Lun reminded, can not completely prove that the skin quality Chun in the hair can predict the risk that the owner suffers from a cardiovascular disease just with this research achievement.Ke Lun says that other some research achievements express, the content of this hormone in content and blood of skin quality Chun agrees with in the hair,mens sunglasses but he and his team still can not prove that this aims at if the male's research achievement is equally applicable to a female.Ke Lun thinks, if this research achievement get certificate suitable different crowd, the examination aiming at the skin quality Chun in the hair can become monitoring long-term pressure and predict the new path that the cardiovascular disease falls ill risk."If it gets a certificate to go and not expensive, this will become another of our research tools, " female expert from mental illness in college hospital in Torondo, Canada is the Li just?Thin Xie Er says, if this research achievement acquire argument, can used for an analytical female the pressure variety during the period of pregnancy.(Jiang Cong Xiao)

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