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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-25 15:46:00
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    Help the south first aid car to go together with a charge load work the citizen are difficult to acc
    "From this morning 8:00 till afternoon 5:00, whole citieses 120 cars want a load of work 45 times among them 132 times."Last night about 7:00, help the south city first aid staff member in the center tell a reporter.The citizen want enthusiasm of a load of work and compare their imagination in of have to be big.Say a demand load first work a listen to a charge and refuse yesterday is help south city first aid the car equipment load work of the first day, help south city first aid the center is nervous and busy.Whenever there is a telephone ringing out, ask the pure sufferer great body circumstance and concrete position, connect a line member to always need to ask a , "demand load work?"The reporter notices, after connecting a line member and asking a this sentence, a lot of persons who stir to beat to give first aid a telephone all say demand load work, but when connect a line member to say, many people chose to give up again when the use load work needed to be paid.So, this sufferer exactly needs a demand load is the work not?One connects a line member to tell a reporter and sees from the reflection of first aid cent center,cheap sun glasses have of plea for help a person although it is said don't a load of work, but etc. first-aid personnel to arrive the spot, but discover that the basic nobody lifts a patient.Two thinner and feeble female doctor's nurses add driver, fee very greatly and vigorously just lift the patient to the car.Although go together with a load work doctor nurse shine on to take under charge noon, reporter 120 first aid cent centers understand from several cities in the province, from the morning 8:00 beginnings, cent center equipment of load the member is all good enough to turn on duty."As long as adjusting one degree center to beat to call words to say, the sufferer needs a load of work, and we send two on duty load works to go out."The first-aid personnel tells a reporter.Although exclusively provided with a load work, the reporter understands, doctor, nurse and first aid the car driver didn't thoroughly "liberation"."Want ~only go to, be still and load work a cake of lift.Meeting sufferer's circumstance is more special, for example the figure is partial to fat, stairs structure not next, more can not helplessly simply lookinging at after all rescue a patient to need seize every minute and second."Help four hospitals to give first aid doctor Zhao Zhen to tell a reporter before the hospital.Accept to need to adapt to expect to save a person to is still the first yesterday, also a few citizen directly make a phone call 120:Lifting a load of before is all free charge and how charged now?Feel not very good to accept.120 the connecting a line members also give patience solution:Before because don't establish a load of work, doctor nurse gives first aid car driver to proceed from benevolence and social social ethics and helps sufferer's family members.Establish a load now work, the charge on the other hand embodies their labors and on the other hand also embodies public welfare.Helped the south city first aid secretary in the center and director, Liu Jia Liang, to tell a reporter yesterday, the load work charged this matter, let the common people accepted, accredit, needed a process that gradually entered.At this period inside,Best Oakley Sunglasses each first aid center will also vivid control, can't because of to charge dissatisfaction but hold up sufferer's treatment.120 connect a line member to tell a reporter, from the yesterday morning 8:00 till afternoon 5:00, whole citieses 120 cars want a load of work 45 times among them 132 times."This number doesn't calculate small, because of being the first day implementation load work system, and is a holiday, probably a lot of citizen to this affair is really don't know.

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    The old man of kidney disease eats two bananas to raise an alarm insurance to die to the acute disease heart palpitates breath

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