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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-24 15:32:00
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    Jiangsu refuses that the office worker donates Jing physical endowment bad and perhaps have sex dise
    Accompany with the change of social idea, subsidize significant promote the influence of waiting various factor, the university student donates a Jing activity to quietly "be popular" in the campus for these two years and even appear the high school of boy's concentration have already been used up this year the quota last year of fierce scene.Currently, sperm bank in Guangdong makes a contribution above 95% is an university student.Reporter mankind sperm bank in people hospital in on-line Jiangsu province doctor Wang Wei tell a reporter, in Jiangsu, complete the whole volunteer that donates Jing procedure at most gets hold of the subsidy of 4000 dollars and come to donate the community of the Jing really 90% all above is an university student.Answer:the university student have 90% above.Doctor Wang Wei introduces, mankind's sperm bank in the people hospital in Jiangsu province is 2001 the nation establishes of one of head the batch mankind's sperm banks, circulating 10 in the last yearses already the total amount collect semen specimen more than 20,000s."But concretely come the number of making a contribution the sperm annually very unsteady, for example about have 600 volunteers in 2009, and fell 200 people a while in 2010, differed very greatly, this was also one of the biggest problems that perplexs us.""Everybody's body condition is on the average different, make a contribution sperm in each volunteer in Jiangsu 10 or so, the completion can get hold of mistake work fee, transportation subsidy,mens sunglasses and benevolence reward...etc. to add up to 4000 dollars, didn't complete of then pro rata receive a subsidy."Doctor Wang Wei says that come the crowd of donating the Jing in, the university student had 90% above."The subsidy of 4000 dollars is really the reason that draws on an university student to become donating Jing volunteer, but these several years we also discovered a trend.Make a phone call to consult an university student who donate the Jing to win, mean completely don't the beginning of any subsidy increase.To volunteer we once did a statistics as well and 80%ly donated Jing volunteers all the obligation once dedicated blood, so can not all say, either, university student's donating Jing be hurtling to subsidize of."Ask:what kind of can the person donate Jing?Answer:height, educational background, healthy aspects all have a request.Doctor Wang Wei introduces, height one meter 65 above, university educational background, healthy body, having never inheritted disease, sex infection disease etc. paroxysm the male can arrive a sperm bank application to donate Jing, but after beginning Shai of qualified rate very low."The qualified semen has very high request, sperm density's needing is common standard of 4 times, sperm vitality also compare the commonness have a lot of request high.100 general volunteers, only have ten several 20 people ability qualified.""Although say now the sperm bank far and far can not satisfy the request that the clinical top barren doesn't teach a sufferer, becoming donating Jing volunteer should be encouraged, in consideration of various realistic factors, the people hospital in Jiangsu province has turn down since this year'office worker'become donating Jing volunteer."Wang Wei explains that and dedicates blood similar, donate the Shai of Jing to check also is to need cost, and because work factors, such as pressure and social parties...etc., body character far and rather at the university student of the school, and get into sex of social future trouble infect paroxysm several rates also increment, so"office worker" attains to make a contribution standard of generally only 10% is or so, plus this the part donate the Jing amount of volunteers few, so start this year, the sperm bank targets volunteer in all aspects the body of the university student of the school up to"try for the best".Ask:donate a Jing meeting can't cause "thunder-storm" tragedy?Answer:the close relative get married a possibility almost to zero.The reporter sees online, many people for donate Jing the worry in uncertainty is still layer after layer, the misgiving of most lies in "is own the kid hereafter will take place with own kid's matrimony details in the story 《thunder-storm 》 ".Doctor Wang Wei then means:"We once ran into many came an application to donate Jing at the student of the school, finally failed because of the objection of the girl friend of the example is wellholding girl friends who support the attitudes for two years much to get up so much."Wang Wei said that came an university student who make a contribution the sperm to widespreadly have two worries,Mens Dior Sunglasses on being the problem for keeping secret, this in fact is absolutely can attain, two be worry that the posterity appears the problem of close relative marry."Concerning this, the nation stipulates now that semen that is each volunteer can be provided for 5 females to conceive, and the specimen is a sperm bank in whole country to use.So although theoretically have the posterity the possibility for appearing close relative matrimony,actually have already almost equaled zero."Sperm bank most fears to run into of is the occupation donates a Jing.How does Jiangsu come to prevent°fro same people donating Jing for many times in the different sperm bank?Wang Wei says that what sperm bank uses is to pass ID card to come to attestation now, according to the attestation system of fingerprint now also already in the application.

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