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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-23 16:36:00
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    Have no certificate workshop to use pot once loosen joss-stick processing pig head meat or harm live
    The food dispatch is original source Chongqing does the morning report good news a joys to eat to stew vegetables?Here, we say sorry to you, pour your appetite again today.But, this is what we have to do.In the check, luckily the Kui didn't check before being like some so serious problems, but is concealed to suffer from and without certificate management to social harm same graveness, don't stop, sooner or later will have an accident.The food safety lifted for a long time and believed firmly intelligence in the folks, hoped wide readership the friend come to to give or get an electric shock sharing your beautiful move, we will help you deliver to your viewpoint to the food safe section, carry out "there is no longer the lousy news to spoil appetite on the newspaper" soon.Yesterday noon, reporter and sand ping dam green wood pass police substation people Jing, local law enforcement official in the industry and business bureau attacked on his/her own initiative, was reigned to a detection for the green wood pass stone Nian village Chongqing to match surprise inspection inside a dollar farming slaughter house:On processing the small workshop of the semi-processed goods pig head meat, don't do any certificate, produce a condition simple and crude, pull out hair with the loose joss-stick, process procedure to have a concealed safety to suffer from,Cheap Mont blanc glasses from now on place the pig head that flies to a market the meat be much made into by the little peddler to stew vegetables to sell.Abandon factory premises to hide have no certificate small workshop yesterday noon 12:00 is many clocks, match inside a dollar farming slaughter house, the so big factory area is exposed under the hot sun, spacious of road last unmanned run about, the one inside the factory area is still silent, only be sending forth to come together a group of persons inside the repeatedly smelly pig Peng.The agreeable get excited kills a car and runs about to the factory area deep place, the brick building in one red appears at at present, here see have already for a long time abandon of factory premises,Oakley Sunglasses Discount the equipments that didn't use leaves in the brick heap inside the building, however, be in such a place that easily is neglected, conceal an a naturally produce about 500 meat of have no certificate small workshop.Yesterday, the sand area police matched to find out a workshop with never shone on to process pig head meat inside a dollar farming slaughter house in the green wood pass stone Nian village.Scatter everywhere on the ground pig bone"want to buy a point?"See Chongqing report a reporter for morning, one is naked last body, round a young man that is stained with full blood stain apron to inquire.At this time, his right hand's taking nigrescent white gloves has already been pressing a head at the half pig up, the left hand takes pilers to be familiar with ground to clip the bone on the pig head down, however 10 seconds.Inside the small workshop of 200 square meters, totally 4 people is carrying on processing to the pig head meat.Inside the small workshop although isn't a closing of, the inside is sultry, 3 watch over at in open enough horsepower to revolve, so as to let to feel one silk cool inside the workshop.Scatter everywhere on the ground pig bone.BE discovering a pig head, after meat processes small workshop, yesterday noon around 1:00, the Chongqing morning reports the reporter carries on surprise inspection to the workshop together together with people Jing of green wood pass police substation, and have no certificate how did the small workshop produce the procedure of the semi-processed goods pig head meat to also present.Many flies at pig head meat up dance in the wind"put into first the cooking stove set is pulled out hair with the loose joss-stick, then put to cook with water in the cauldron, again put Ti bone of in the official records plank partition, again put on wire entanglements to sun after finally use flame baking."Discover small workshop have no after certificate conduct, people Jing calls owner, Chen Xiao Bing, of workshop, Chen Xiao Bing said, passed by these five work prefaces are behind the pig head that go out inside the workshop from oneself meat affirmative all right.But Chongqing the morning report a reporter and discover, each one processes work prefaces to all exist a food safety concealed suffer from.Depending in the workshop is mural of place, a carve with the rock of pack gluing of a pot of utter darkness liquid inside the cooking stove set, this be is pig head go to hair of loose joss-stick.The morning of Chongqing reports the reporter searches online, the loose joss-stick is familiar chemical raw material, after heating became loose scented ointment, loose joss-stick oneself harmless to human body, but return to pot again and again use, will produce to living heavy metalses like lead,etc and poisonous oxide, injure liver and kidney.But call to this Chen little soldier:"I know asphalt to the human body endanger very much, but the loose joss-stick almost didn't endanger to the human body."In 4 people who works in the workshop, two one female of maleses are under useless circumstance of any disinfection the in the official records plank full general pig head Ti bone partition, moreover a woman is putting processing good pig head meat to be on the black wire entanglements carry on sunning, while wire entanglements' ascending have already closely put full drive partition a good pig head meat, many flies at top dance in the wind.In the corner of workshop, the attention that aroused the spot people Jing of two barrels oil bucket that filled oil."These oil is pig head oil."Chen Xiao Bing said that pig head at cauldron in through water cook later on, float the oil is got to pack into a bucket at the pig head on surface, once in a while meeting someone come to accept."2 dollar per kilogram, a pail of also sells 100 diverse."Chen Xiao Bing says.Where are these oils flown to?Chen Xiao Bing calls to is to used to a chemical engineering to use oil, concretely fly to where not clear.The pig head meat flies to:Was made into to stew vegetables Chen Xiao Bing to say more, oneself's spending in the beginning of the year several 1000 dollars money were matching to rent the use right of the workshop of a year inside a dollar farming slaughter house, had about 500 kilograms from the pig head meat that here fly to a market every day."It mainly is to sell into stone bridge to spread to trade city,Mont blanc glasses Prices sell to stew vegetable stall."Chen Xiao Bing says.Yesterday afternoon, the local industry and business law enforcement official who arrived to the spot also carried on a check towards shoulding process a semi-processed goods pig head meat workshop, after discovering that the workshop doesn't have a food processing condition, and has no related certificate, the industry and business law enforcement official ordered it to immediately close up shop to restructure, and will carry on corresponding a punishment to the owner of workshop.


    Breakfast's drinking black tea and coffee will make you more hungry

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