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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-22 16:44:00
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    Girl, Gao Kao, just knows after finishing that the foster father has already died
    One of her close relatives, foster father old Liu died yesterday afternoon on June 34:30, in Zheng Zhou Wu door before together, the her form master, president and reporter wait she to come out to test a field ……She smiles to tell a teacher:"My exertion than the peacetime be still good friends with some" she cried"where can I go from now on?Still have who take care of me like my daddy"yesterday 4:30 p.m., the sky is still very hot.The south closes street, in Zheng Zhou Wu doorway, stand a few polices, there is also the parent to is many or sit or sign or back and forth take a stroll.Again lead half hour, Gao Kao is about to end.Make a telephone call, five medium hair schools grew out to pick up reporter.Hold a hand, we didn't talk, because of, each other knows, we will face a very greatly very great hard nut to crack.At this time, a be dressed in a pale blue color blouse, carry on the back a big travel bag of the lady also say to seek a president.After a few words, we all understood, the purposes are all similar, and the hard nut to cracks are all similar!We, all come to seek a Gao San's girlses who nameds a small month.The air is depressed, the form master of the small month teacher Guo also came.The reporter saw a few time with on board hand and had already arrived at 5:00.We arrive at to test a down stairs together, "Hua" was 1, was like disturbingly noisy river, full of a boy sons and daughters kid in the air of happy voice joke.Teacher Guo sees around, suddenly, she shouted a , a female kid who wears powder blouse, red athletic shoes runs to come over and takes a telephone all alone and carries to still have the 1/3 the cup of water all alone."Teacher Guo ……"Run to at present, she is a small month, a face smiles an idea ……Father in evening newspaper chief evening newspaper the small month of reporter Liao Qian/diagram of reporter, Xu Fu Ying/text, calls his wishes of old Liu:Finish providing a small month university, become old house Liu is a south the sun is a technician of big business enterprise, because the brain Geng disease backs for several years and acts inconvenience.Old companion 20 year agos died, 18 year agos, old Liu finds out a woman to live together, in the interval, they adopted a little girl, small month.Afterwards, that lady left old Liu.Old Liu takes a small month, and Ms. Wang of oneself's unit walk to arrive together.6 year agos, old Liu took small month and Ms. Wang to arrive Zheng Zhou together, he lived at Ms. Wang's house,Nike golf sunglasses and the reasonable small month lives school.Old Liu at Tong cypress north road west ten in spreads to rent building for small month, every Friday, the small month comes back, the father female meets.Mr. Li who together rents a small hospital with small month says:"Old Liu to small month than close the virgin still kiss.Old Liu 10 year ago brain Geng, the activity is inconvenient, he usually says and provides the small month to up the over university and becomes a house, he can have peace of mind to shut an eye to walk."Old Liu dies on June 6 just disheveled hair what old Liu rent is a west now after 3 days ten in spread the house of Lou breeze glory, the house is on the second floor.Every Friday afternoon, old Liu Lai waits a daughter here and gives her a week of living expenses.On the afternoon of June 6, the Lou breeze glory walks the second floors and discovers that the door didn't lock, the clothes that hangs a small month on the ex- wire in the door, several day always no one accept.Walk to doorway, she lies prone on the window to go toward in see, see old Liu Wai before bed, an on every occasion.Shouted several voices, old Liu not should, she reported to the police and made son little Lee immediately go to school and seek a small month.She knows that old Liu is the only close relatives in small month.The Tong cypress road police substation people Jing arrives to the spot and discovers that old Liu has already died, in the article of death front, stretcheses pocket to hold a cellular phone, the cellular phone hasn't given or got an electric shock.A neighbor says that old Liu is June 3(on Friday) an afternoon come of, return to do laundry for small month.Lou Feng Rong remembers that old Liu once said for her, he the brain Geng often make a disease, several times are all someones nearby, just change the Wei into Anne.The criminal police cautiously looks into rear row in addition to he kills.Receive a telephone, Ms. Wang also came.These several days, she has been stiring old Liu's cellular phone, have been beating impassability.The Lou breeze glory listens to old Liu once say, he has never done to get married a procedure with Ms. Wang.The Ms. Wang and small month's friendly intercourse is few."This can also comprehend, Wang Jia's children cans accept old Liu and has already been getting more quite good.Old Liu doesn't want to implicate Wang Jia and just rent for daughter of building."Know what happened a person to say.The school knew this matter on the that very day of June 6"I know that the small month studies in Zheng Zhou Wu, my son this year also Gao Kao, I discover old Liu didn't go, let the son went to five medium seek a small month."Lou Feng Rong says that"old Liu is a small month is the only close relatives, she stays for several years here, only old Liu comes to call on her, a little girl, all of a few New Year's Day are oneselfs to lead, pretty have mercy on."Little Li Shuo, the that very day of June 6, he goes to Zheng Zhou Wu to win behind classroom of going straight to the small month.Small month not at, form master teacher Guo Ting Ting faces up and hears that father in small month has an accident.She takes little Lee to the part, although teacher Guo doesn't know the detail of small month house,the small month once says, oneself was a singleparent family.Teacher Guo makes to make collective report to the president's hair virtuous Yu this circumstance, everyone unanimously thinks after communicating, once speaking a true circumstance for small month, absolutely influencing her Gao Kao."We decide to temporarily don't tell a small month."President Mao says.The small month is an alacrity in the form master eyes of girl 8:30 A.M. yesterday, the reporter arrives to five medium, small month of test point at the right moment in our school.Speak of a small month, one face of teacher Guo of dignified.She points at a girl who is dressed in thin powder color blouse, red athletic shoes to say, she is a small month.At this time, the small month is just saying to smile together with the classmates."She is very optimistic, I often communicate and inquire about her family with her at ordinary times, she say to is a list in person, again ask, she always gets around."Teacher Guo says that Gao San homework is busy, the small month sometimes doesn't return to continuously for two weeks."Once I saw an old man come to send clothes and money for small month, after old man walks, I asked small in month, she said that that is her father.The old man falls with small month age bad how so old?I have no thin ask."Gao Kao who starts to talk about this year, teacher Guo says, the words of normal exertion, should have no problem on undergraduate course of small monthly test.The school has the mental state guidance the teacher, for the sake of give mentally have student's exchanges of burden, the school authority exclusively organizes a mental play agency, mental teacher Liu Jun Tao is the representative director of this play agency."Three year agos, the small month arrives five China Timeses, joined a mental play agency, we organized a program, arrived community, university and high school and performed for the students.Lately, the small month is still just a to plays an angel in play eyes, play very goodly.On June 9, our plan still performs and allows director from small month this time, the plot is a female student to study bad, the friend is little, the other people despise her, and she also has no confidence by herself.The small month contains director talent."Teacher Liu Jun Tao says to say and sighed tone.Test a field have never once met for outside small month of the aunt come to yesterday 4:30 p.m., reporter and president Mao to invite doorway to meet at the school so much.A middle age lady who wears pale blue clothes comes over here facing each other Wei to say, she is to come to seek small lunar.She is arrive to from Tienjin, old Liu's younger sister, Liu Ying, ."Niece, Liu Yun, makes a phone call for me to say that my elder brother died from Wuhan on the evening of the 6th, we only have 2 brother and sister.We originally want to wait a small month and let her see his daddy's one side finally, but the doctor says can not again etc., I just cremated my elder brother's body with niece."Liu Ying speaks that she is a lot of years of to have never met with elder brother as well as see through small month."Circumstance in our house is very complicated, my elder brother has a two sons to daughter, only the daughter can contact up, two sons have been having no news."Liu Ying speaks.The small month follows together, the aunt that never once met goes to yellow river side and sends father's last distance.The small month also doesn't know the circumstance of home, the president asks her to test must how, she is beaming with smiles to answer very with assurance.The president says-"you are a bright and strong student"5:00 p.m., the person flows in, president Mao, teacher Guo sees a small month, she the full face smile.Teacher Guo pulls her hand:"Test how?"The small month smiled:"Exertion than the peacetime be still good friends with some."On turning head, she sees a group of persons round her, some surprise."This is the reporter of evening newspaper, see you to test how."President Mao says to the small month.When everyone headed for board room together, see teacher Guo pull an initiatory small month, everyone's in the mind is very sour.Sit to the meeting before the table, the left side in small month is president Mao, the right side is a form master.The Liu Ying uprising says to the small month:"You are incognizant I, I am your aunt."The small month no longer smiled.President Mao says:"Listen to form master teacher say, you are a bright and strong student, meet difficult important event, you can the crest live?"The small month looking at a president, the indoor air seems some concretions."How!"She asks teacher and aunt."Is ……"Qin in the small month eyes is full tears."Your father has an accident."The president finally speaks this sentence."Where is he now?"The small month asks."He died before you test Gao and feared to influence you, we deceived you.This is our decision.Please comprehend us."President Mao says.Small month-"where can I go from now on?Still have who take care of me like my daddy"hear this news, the small month lies prone to in the table, sob not only, inside the house almost the owners all wipe to have tears.Teacher Guo part wipe tears for small month, part oneself wipe.The small month recalls, June 3, have never returned to rent place:"I continue to make a phone call for my daddy, he didn't answer, and I thought that he didn't hear.""I test a field, the first matter, be open a cellular phone, make a phone call for my daddy, I miss him what this will switch on, but his cellular phone still closes, I at that time wanted may have what matter.""Where can I go from now on?Still have who to take care of me like my daddy?"She this sentence let the owner clench heart.Introduce according to president Mao, examination be over after, Gao San Sheng has to leave school, but for the sake of the small month, these several days, will let a few of her classmates live with her together here.President Mao knows that this isn't the permanent arrangement.Send off-she gets to yellow river the father's cremated ashes Sa inside according to the wish of loosing of old Liu, his daughter, Liu Yun, embraces cinerary casket, 6:00 p.m. arrive to a yellow river side, prepare chase cremated ashes Sa go into yellow river, fly to ocean.Yesterday 6:00 p.m., the small month follows an aunt to rush through into yellow river side, do a sending off of end for father.Looking at father's cremated ashes with water but spread at 7:00 p.m., on the yellow river side, the small month prostrates on the ground not to rise.Rehabilitate-she from now on go where?Yesterday afternoon, reporter and Central plains the area domestic affairs bureau made contact, bureau chief Liu particularly people said, if small month population at Central plains area, because she right away the year is full 18 years old, can do for her and protect low, the Lian house renting , after entering university, can reduce or don't need according to the circumstance school fees.But, the population in small month still at south sun.To the business in small month, the landlord Lou breeze glory says:"My house's circumstance is very bad,ED Hardy Sunglasses otherwise, I want this miss."President Mao is worry:"She is still small, who come to look after her, she doesn't have economic income and have a meal to stop for the night how to solve and enter university, how to do school fees?"Because the small month rents of the house have been already expired, last night, the small month packed luggage.Take a little bit more only house to be, the tears follows tip of nose to drip down."The our school and teacherses will stretch out hand to help her as far as possible, let she feels, she isn't abandonned by this social big family.I also hope good-hearted person of the ability of having, ability idea, help a small month."President Mao says.

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