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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-04-19 15:54:00
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    "Super germ" specialized attack chronic illness
    Threaten object:A great deal of use widely composes antibiotics of the hospitalized sufferer and use machine ventilate over a long period of time, the center vein pipe insert the sufferer of Shu treatment to use medicine:Substitute Ji wreath vegetable, sticky germ vegetable the medical science guide/province disease in Guangdong control microorganism in the center examination pair the bureau chief is a kind of"super germ" that can resist existing great majority antibiotics of Doctor Deng Xiao Ling, is causing the deep concern of the whole world!Province disease in Guangdong controled expert in the center to say, in fact, more weigh to bear a medicine germ don't appear for the first time, but as for a few new"super germ"s that be disclosed this time, it is the advanced case chronic illness of long-term hospitalization to mainly attackstone object, rather than the common run of people.The multinational medical and health expert also points out that"super germ" infection sufferer number less, adopting good supervision and disease to control procedure can obstruct its dissemination, people didn't need dismay.Does "super germ" have "super" place?Which medicines can rival in power?What shape is next"super germ" ?This report invites microorganism especially expert the sequence of events of the analysis"super germ", the revivification bears medicine germ of original appearance.The news time puts "super germ" to appear south second, did spread Euro-American"super germ" see various British card Di medical college Di Mo Xi of man university at the earliest stage?The fertile Shi announces on 《bistoury-infectious disease 》 periodical of a thesis.Report said that British the card Di man university, India's Ma De pulls the germ that the medical science researcher of Si university and healthy British protection office separates to take to have this kind of Mao from the body of a Sweden patient, the patient once went to hospital to cure in New Delhi, India.2008-2009 years, England has already separated the germ of 37 stub masculine gender NDM-1s from 29 patients, the United States discovers 3 sufferers of infection germ NDM-1s in the first half of 2010, and India separates to 70 stub germ NDM-1s.Estimate according to the medium, the world has already had 170 people currently drive be infected"super germ" NDM-1, the main case is in India and England, in other nations in Europe and the United States also sick example, many patients have India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc. southern second history of nation trip or have an operation.Leave 5 people dead at least in England among them, Brussels, Belgium reports a death case again recently.In October, last year, Hong Kong Department of Health once discovered to take "super germ" of having NDM-1 in the urine liquid sample of a male patient as well.The our country hinterland hasn't discovered "super germ" of this type.Health hall in Guangdong province has already worked well related deployment last week, requested the related section the development and examination circumstance of NDM-1 that is close to pay attention to "super germ" and stored the supplies that the good laboratory examination needs.The new metal Mao changes the germ the body"super germ""NDM-1 isn't a bacterial name, but a kind of Mao, can give a germ to change body'super germ'of ability."Province disease in Guangdong controls microorganism in the center to examine pair bureau chief Doctor Deng Xiao Ling point out, NDM-1 is called "metal β in New Delhi- inside Mao An Mao", and then calls metal Mao,dc hats because of from have India, Pakistan etc. southern second nation tour history of patient separation inside the body to imply this kind Mao of germ but get.Deng Xiao Ling says that once the germ produces metal Mao, it cans cause the infected person to the β -inside the Mao An antibiotic, bear a medicine such as the Bao germ vegetable, carbon of the penicillin, head green mildewed Xi etc..β -Inside the Mao An antibiotics belong to a wide table antibiotics, is the inest common use antibiotics that cures an infection.Among them, the carbon green mildewed Xi antibiotics mainly useds for produce is super to widely compose β -inside Mao An Mao of the serious germ sex appeal contract, while the germ with NDM-1 produces to bear a medicine towards including green mildewed Xi of carbon at inside of antibiotics also.Two types of people are easily passed by by"super germ" threat, the researcher discovers usually metal Mao is existed to a green false list afterbirth of copper inside the germ, but the recent years starts, this kind of Mao is in the bowel rod bacteria section germ and particularly also appeared in gram thunder Bo Jun's DNA structure that the large intestine Ai hopes germ, pneumonia.Be be infected inside hospital in the hospital of two kinds of familiar germs, large intestine Ai the gram of the rare germ, pneumonia thunder Bo Jun"the lord offends" the direction is different:The former will arouse an urologic way infection, and then is germ pneumonia of to cause of disease vegetable.After new metal Mao"attach a body", these two kinds of germs shake a body to change into "super germ" and kill to harm dint also immediately fierce increase.The existing research discovers that be infected"super germ" of the sufferer is mainly two types of people, then the hospitalized sufferer and use machine, who in great quantities use wide table antibiotics, ventilates over a long period of time, the center vein pipe insert the sufferer of Shu treatment.These the patient's machine body resistibility is worse, also express this kind of germ although bearing a medicine is the strongest, can to the ability of the disease is opposite weaker.Deng Xiao Ling says that in view of this angle, the attack object of "super germ" isn't the common run of people, therefore the citizen didn't need strain.Two types of medicines can be faced a dual predicament with the treatment clinical last how discriminate a patient to be infected whether"super germ"?Deng Xiao Ling says that the hospitalized sufferer or use machine, who widely compose antibiotics to a great deal of use, ventilates over a long period of time, the center vein pipe insert the infection symptom that the tall Wei sufferer of Shu treatment appears, the suggestion carries on an antibiotic sensitivity examination to the infection germ for separating.If separate the germ appear a wide table to bear a medicine phenomenon and then examine a method to carry on discriminating according to the gene NDM-1.To sufferer, "super germ" once being infected, doing not have no medicine can cure.The researcher discovers that although"super germ" bears a medicine to much antibiotics, to substitute plain and sticky germ of Ji wreath vegetable sensitive.However, the treatment"super germ" often faces a dual predicament:Wanting the Yao to have no medicine can cure, the Yao medicine is more even"poison" than germ.Deng Xiao Ling says that being infected weighs patient who bear the medicine germ more, the Yao dies in a germ to cause of various severity be infected, the Yao is killed by the antibiotics to put out in the germ at the same time, die in the poisonous side effect of wide table antibiotics.Local detection variety tough bear a medicine of the germ is in "super germ" of is an after death is more and more huge and more and more bear to be subjected to to the medicine of bear a medicine germ troops.With the golden color staphylococcus bear a medicine variety for example:50's in 20th century ago, the penicillin was to cure a golden color staphylococcus infection paroxysm effective medicine, but started appearing the golden color staphylococcus to bear the medicine to penicillin till 50's in 20th century, but more widely composed of antibiotic AN oxygen west as to it's did the wood hold good.But just after 20 years, appeared the golden color staphylococcus(brief name MRSA) to AN oxygen west Lin Nai Yao.Deng Xiao Ling says that till 1997, the vancomycin is mid-degree to bear the golden color staphylococcus(VISA) of medicine to appeared, and completely bear the golden color staphylococcus(VRSA) of medicine to also just appear five years later to the vancomycin.Currently, many local hospitals go to hospital in the long term of advanced case patient body up discovered a VISA figure, but VRSA didn't°yet at our country disheveled hair now, "but bear a medicine circumstance but talk currently, cure have been very tough."Who is the next"super germ" meeting ?"This can hardly anticipate, the mankind are more unavoidable the emergence of the germ for bearing a medicine."Deng Xiao Ling said that can affirm ground to say, germ's bearing a medicine is 21th century concern in the world of a little bit hot, it to mankind's life healthily constituteOf the threat extremely bear comparison with the moxa Zi disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease.Guard against norm and reasonable to use the antibiotics"super germ" why will appear?It is thought to is mankind's misuse antibiotics from the consequence of Niang.Since the mankind invented antibiotics, the of antibiotics and germ is continuously presenting to public "a seesaw battle".Mankind for dealing with to pile up one after another of continuously develop each kind of new antibiotics to the microorganism of disease.But germ for the sake of the existence, continuously variation evolution, the formation can bear be subjected to new germ of the antibiotics, thus form vicious cycle."Though the mankind have already invented so various antibiotics, the best is still a penicillin, because it while killing to put out germ, minimum to human body side effect."Deng Xiao Ling says that the more wide table, more deluxe antibiotics more may induct a germ creation to bear a medicine,Football hats to the patient's side effect is also more big.However, in the patient's heart, penicillin's seeming has been"dated" and take effect faster deluxe antibiotics to be subjected to acceptance of persons more, and some doctors didn't also guard the bottom line of "the norm reasonable is used a medicine".For example common of tonsil burning, to the germ belong to a Ge orchid surname male germ, originally use penicillin to cure and then can kill to put out.But some doctors an open be can kill to put out the Ge orchid surname male germ and feminine gender germ at the same time of three Bao antibiotics.Deng Xiao Ling says that the antibiotics uses more many, the germ bears a medicine also more and more strong.But with germ of the evolution speed compare, the mankind develop the speed of new antibiotics to slowly get much."Send with it to hope in how develop a stronger antibiotic new medicine, rather and first consider how let the existing antibiotic species doesn't want so quickly'expired'."Deng Xiao Ling thinks suppressing and reducing the emergence of"super germ", using antibiotics in response to the norm and the reasonable.Don't take antibiotics literally and by oneself at ordinary times to common patient, but the doctor more use a medicine in response to the norm, don't fall into "antibiotics adoration".Remind to don't misuse antibiotics to feed the animal needs to be emphatic BE, in the our country, a long term is neglected of bear medicine germ source exactly is a vegetative chain.Grazier for make the animals, such as fish, pig, cow and sheep...etc. little to get sick, long power good, exist a misuse antibiotic of phenomenon."Outputly bear the medicine germ, mankind once being infected inside the animal body, result very difficult control."Deng Xiao Ling says that for example the sand door germ in the chicken body belongs to normal germ, but be might cause diarrhea by germ in the sand door infection to the germ, once the person ate a chicken to mankind.If feed a chicken with the antibiotics, can don't necessarily kill to put out germ in the sand door, but may make its creation bear a medicine, and will bear medicine germ to pass mankind.American government once monitored, the person ate in the animal feed after adding the chicken of tooing many the antibiotics, will bear a medicine to the Mao promise Tong antibiotics,such as wreath C sand star creation, , the reason is germ in the sand door in the chicken have already had a medicine of bear.The United States is this set policy, forbid to too many to add antibiotics in the animal animal feed, bear medicine germ to get into a human body through a vegetative chain.But the our country haven't aimed at a this problem establishment specialized policy.According to understand, our country Department of Agriculture will start to chicken sand germ in the door particularly an item this year examination.Deng Xiao Ling says that hope this undertaking BE"the Wu sheep repair a prison, still don't be a night."

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