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Stuck In Hell (pho_nesex) wrote,
@ 2003-03-05 17:43:00
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    i would like to inform you all that i eat a pund of carrots a week. everyone at lunch tells me that i will have good eyesight, and they say "you must really love carrots." I don't really love carrots- i like em. a healthy alternative to eating feces. Not that feces are available in the vending machines, though they can occasionally be found in the serving line accompanied by fries and a peach cup. . .but i eat a pound of carrots a week.

    oh, someone come say hello to me. it is winter and i have nothing to do on a friday night. i do not want to go to salsa night at one bar near me, simply because i don't like salsa music that much, nor do i know how to salsa dance. cha cha cha.

    make my day bright anyone, everyone- though not as bright as the sun reflecting off snow. that just makes me cringe.

    i have a fear of becoming emily dickinson. is that odd? perhaps it is better than a fear of water. whatever would i do in the bathroom?

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2003-03-05 21:01 (link)
hi. commenting on myself. i love you dearest friend. write on.

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2003-03-06 00:38 (link)
lol i like your journal! you have a cool sense of humor

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