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melanie the indifferent (phedus) wrote,
@ 2003-07-18 18:51:00
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    Current music:modest mouse- so much beauty in dirt

    so much beauty it could make you cry
    one day i am going to write down all the incredible stuff i have taken part in.
    i think i will start today.

    i hate meth. methamphetamines. tweek. crack. angel dust. coke. snow. powder. rock. cocaine.
    i hate that weird twitchy nyak-nyak feeling it gives your brain. it isnt drawn out and beautiful. it just stops.

    i like the way i am all soft and white after a long shower. a shave. a shampoo. i paint my nails red and dig out that great black t-shirt and forget. my hair dries curly and dark.

    i like the make-up that sits under my eyes. i can blame the sacks from not sleeping on crappy mascara.

    i like driving so there is a good breeze, playing music loud, rolling the window down so i can taste where i am.

    i like the way my lips get all puffy when i wake up. i coat them in cherry chapstick and smirk.

    i like taking four shots of vodka at around midnight so i just start to feel good, and going for a walk. its warm outside, and warm inside and it all seems okay.

    i like working all day and passing out. waking up and going out. falling asleep, waking up alone and heading off to work again.

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2003-07-19 00:19 (link)
You are beautiful darling, truly, beautiful.

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2003-07-19 12:55 (link)

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