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petrolvodkagin (petrolvodkagin) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 01:09:00
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    Current mood: disappointed

    The day was brilliant. It rained a bit before and when we got to the park, so we just started to eat in the car. It let up though, that was a good thing because we managed to have a proper picnic, which is... nice.

    We just went straight to my house afterwards, the six of us seemed reluctant to go out so we just stayed in. As always, the stupid games again and some cards. I'm all laughed out, I think.

    Then someone has to spoil it by wanting to get home because she was tired [insert similar excuses here] and of course everyone had to go (one car). It was definitely NOT the first time that she did this. Everytime we're out, she's always the first to want to go. I mean... C'MON! It was what? 11.30? Tired my ass. She didn't wake up at 6.00a (after only 3-4 hours sleep) to cook up a bunch of stuff. Seriously. I think I need a break from her. I probably should hang out with my friends from school more, but after the big breakup, I don't really see them that often anymore.

    It was still a good day though. Just needed to vent a little, I suppose. My body aches all over. Now... why is that?

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