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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-07-17 18:15:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Bubba Sparxxx-Deliverance

    GET OFF DIS MAAAAAAAAAN back again and ready for action haha my second entry? do people really read these things?lol im in a pretty good mood today...i went to get my tattoo's today it was fun but very very long. i would love to get angelina jolie tattooed on mE somewhere haha but i think i will just get something that resemblences her..did that make sense? oh well im going to see a special screening of bad boys2 tonight HOW FUN HUH! oh wow yeah im suppose to hang out with some homies today again the oNes i hung out with last night they are cool..great friends to have around they crack mE up. i dont work tonight but tomorrow night i excited cuz i love my job! im just sitting here waiting for my friend to call mE.. i was just thinking about an ex of mine..yeah :::sigh::: its the big KB-Karlie Burris...(these lil dots. get addicting :-P) yeah i dont know why but last night i went to bed and i was just holding this care bear she got for mE on valentines day and im just like this right for mE to miss her? in a way i think its not but then i cant help it you know?that was the love of my life.loonnnng story maybe someday ill tell you guys haha..well yeah she cheated on mE with some nasty ass ugly bitch and she phucked with my "best friend" i mean who does that? especially for my "best friend" to go and kiss her too what kinda shit is that..she should know better ya know? but going through some major shit with my "BEST FRIEND" right now. i dont think she really understands certain things sometimes but i really feel like i could pop her in her phuking jaw so she could get the picture here..but im not going too cuz im nice.=) As i went to the Tattoo shop today i saw this really kick ass picture some guy drew of a comic book heroin..her name was Lady Shi i thought this picture was amazing and she symbolized a lot of strength and power for a female.because there really isnt much out there to show or prove to people that guys arent the only oNes who can have guns, knives, bombs, swords and kick ass. cuz a lot of girls can too! HA but my main idol would have to be of course Lady Lara Croft. she amazes mE and i think she could kick everyoNes n e ways back to this picture i saw it was really nice looking but kinda big and eddy was tellin mE that you can make is smaller and i could put it on my calf..i really liked it so i am thinking of going back to get it,i really like it..but iguess thats all for today i will hit u guys up later! PAYCE!

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