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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 01:46:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:Krayzie Bone-Thug Mentality

    Drunk for da FIRST time?...
    last night was trippy as phuk! my first time gettin drunk! haha that rhymed i drink so much too and usually it takes A LOT to get mE to even buzz but i dont think i was drunk i think i was buzzin thoe but woo i had a blast i guess i kissed jamie and matt and adrian last night? i dont even remember but i think theyre fucking with mE cuz i know everything that happened that night and i think i would have remembered that..BOO YAH

    damn i missed out on faby G again thats my baby god i love that girl shes so tight oNe of the coolest people I met online besides my best friend =) hey ma! whas crackin im in a pretty good mood tonight i went to matts house we played DDR it was fun as hell then i saw matts baby pitt bull aww so cute n e ways jamie fell asleep on the couch and matt picked her up and took her in the bedroom and like slammed her on the bed haha oh wow that shit was funny then we was sittin there chillin playing games and shit and then so we went out in the back to box cuz matt had all the shit like gloves head gear and everything i boxed matt first he wieghs like umm 180 if i remember or 170 hes skinny but a lot of muscles well i got him really hard with a left jab in the face and a right hook to the stomach/chest well he turned around and got mE hella good on the side of my face boi woo i almost got knocked the PHUK out! haha then his fat ass friend wanted to box mE this bitch weighed 280 NO LIE thats what he told mE so i was like still a bit dazed from the first hit so i was like ok im up for it i got him hella good in his chest but he turned around and got mE in my jaw and i was like fuck this bitch is huge sooo much more power on his hit than mine cuz how big he is...

    then we went back to the bedroom YEE YEAH haha and matt gave mE the best massage ever wait lemme rephrase that BEST BODY MASSAGE ever lotion and boy he got my toes to my head to my finger tips omg it was soooo good woo wow you have NO idea than he was lickin my ear and he bit it hella hard OMG turn on! haha it was hard but i loved it! then he pulled my braids HAHA OH NO HE DIDNT GET mE STARTED! hes a cutie for a white boy too woo lemme tell you! haha aww i had a blast n e ways i think im finna "DIP" haha outta dis BITCH HUH SPREE! spree hit mE up when you get this so we can talk....AIGHT HOLLA

    i miss K....


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