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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-08-30 12:25:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:Die Trying-Oxygens Gone

    Whas crackin yall? haha yesterday had to have been oNe of the funnest days in school so far..haha wow i was with my bestest buddy cindy! well in oNe of our bathrooms on the top theres a sign that says "GIRLS RESTROOM" its like a plastic thing and the writing is engraved in white haha well weve been trying to take this for like 2 days now and i finally got it yesterday well this was the deal it was way at the top and since im short i couldnt reach it haha well mE and cindy decided we would try to go and get it during lunch..there was still classes on the top of the 300 building so we were really like cautious haha so n e ways cindy got on all fours and then i stood on her back and lemme tell you that shit is really like SUPER GLUED on there so i took a pencil on got it on the side and it was coming off haha so i was like YEE YEEAH its coming off haha and then we heard a door open and cindy goes "oh shit theres a teacher" and she slides out from under mE and I FALL ON MY ASS SO HARD! it went by so fast that i couldnt even catch myself it hurt so bad and it still does but damn it was too hilarious i hit my tailbone really hard and then my right butt cheek hurts really bad im sitting here like leaning all my weight on oNe butt cheek ha ha but then n e ways when i feel it snapped the thing in half haha so i had GIRL in my hand on the floor cracking up and it turned out that the "teacher" was some small boy haha so n e ways rosanna and stephanie and emma ended up coming up there and they were our look outs haha thank god they didnt see mE fall haha but i dont care i had a lot of fun so then we finally got it and its in my room now so it says GIRLS RESTROOM haha i glued it together it was a lot of fun then after school i went to cindys house but she wasnt there so then i went to my house to get the DDR game and pads well i totally forgot my cuz-o had the game haha so we drove to her house and she wasnt home yet so i called her and asked her was she was so she could give us the game and she said she would be there in like 10 minutes well we ended up waiting like 20 and her dad came home so im like ok he can let mE in to look for it well i went to look for it and i couldnt i tried calling her again but this time she didnt answer so n e ways it was hot and we were all pissed so we just left so we ended going to cindys house again and then we just chilled there and talked and ate huge ass pretzels haha then andy and greg left and i stayed with cindy then they came back haha and we all played a little naughty game of basketball haha YEE YEAH mE and andy won of course! haha so then greg and cindy were making out like mad crazy haha i guess andy was talking to them when i was inside and he dropped the ball or something then he went to go get it and he was still talking and he turned around and cindy and greg were making out again haha thats sum funny shit! gotta love it! yeah my best buddy is grounded for something her sister told on her now aint that about a phuking monkey? i was just talking to ashole and she just totally left mE on here didnt even say bye or nothing so i dont know whats crackin with her? oh well she better come back online or call going to some club thinig dance or whatever at the TCC tonight called the jump off! HOLLA im suppose to go with a white see through skirt on and NO PANTIES! haha MY SPECIALTY well im going with the whole "black crew" lol its tight thoe then tonight imma spend the night at shawanas which will be fun and bianca will be there too so kick ass i cant wait its gonna be phat i wonder who all i see there! i tried to stay up last night to talk to faby G but i couldnt i fell asleep and i really wanted to talk to her but i didnt get to..aww maybe tonight when i come home IF I DONT SPEND THE NIGHT AT SHAWANAS but n e ways i think thats really pretty much it haha wow yesterday was so much fun friggin cindy man haha she cracks mE up were really crazy when we get together! well i guess im out now so HOLLA
    damn stephanie...DAMN haha U KNOOOOOW GIRL U KNOOOOW
    J FiZz

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