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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 22:19:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:GiNuWiNe-I LoVe YoU mOrE eVeRyDaY

    YES YES YA'LL HOLLA! im back up in herre! hmm today i actually had A LOT of fun..something i havent been having for awhile just a whole lot of bullshit drama but today was good..lets see i was using my best buddies phone today during umm 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th lol and i was talking to crashley and *jami* HOLLA it was cool she was my 2nd or 3rd STRAIGHT girl i kissed...haha yeah feelings still stayed the same..i mean i dont LIKE her i just think shes hella cute bomb ass eyes thoe fa real and shes really sweet EVEN THOE SHES MEAN TO mE!! lol and like i mean its a crush but i dont LIKE her..n e ways she was askin if i'd go with her to go see crashley haha cuz she got her wisdom teefasus (haha) pulled out so i was like ok so she picked up my cousin then they went back to her house and they all went in staceys car then they scooped mE up and then we went to crashleys and then later were met up with sum chick named sarah and luperry!(haha i think i mispelled that) but n e ways shes tight in a basketball game against them i barked at her and she lost controll of the ball it was hilarious but n e ways we ordered pizza and then watched love and basketball...ahh great movie but yeah haha well i was chillin with jami mm haha tizight shes a hottie...n e ways we was talking she was bein so mean to mE but later on she made up for it huh? lol HOLLA n e ways well yeah it was fun tonight SETH told mE he got those pictures of mE and stephanie going at it developed and i was like haha oh shit! that night we played truth or dare and mE and steph were doing some mad crazy shit to eachother haha and then they took pictures of it i took pictures too but i havent got them developed i need to cuz they are like a week old now lol haha so imma take his and then scan them and put them on here til i get mine developed he said the 3sum kiss didnt turn out too good? damn hopefully it did on my camera lol he said he has a picture of my chest and sum oNe licking whip cream from it HOW THAT HAPPENED I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA LOL i miss my ADI so much n e ways I DIDNT TALK TO SPREE TODAY DUMB BITCH!! AHH I CALLED HER LIKE 7966943692 TIMES BUT SHE DIDNT PICK UP CALL mE SPREE WHEN U SEE THIS CUZ I GOTTA STORY TO TELL YOU N E WAYS HAVE FUN KIDS IM OUT! DONT DO DRUGS!!!

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