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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 17:27:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Beyonce Knowles-Dangerously in love

    sum old poems
    i feel like my decision i made to let something i "LOVE" go, was a good decision. now lets just see where it takes are some random poems i found in my room in notebooks i wrote and shit..ENJOY hope they have a meaning to you as they did for mE...SyNn

    1. How can i love her when all my dreams are to give her the world? i want to give her a star that would shine for her night and day, something that would clear her path and help show her the way, the way to never ending joy and happiness. How can i love her when she unknowingly steals my breath, and makes my heart race to its max, wishing love alone would be enough to truly maker her mine; how can i love her when i dont have all the things i want to give to her, and when i dont even know how to take care of my own heartache. how can i love her if i am poor and getting pooer, losing most everything except my love for her. but how can i love her if i am nothing like that i dreamnt to be for her? How can i love her if everyoNe thinks as i do and say "how can you love her" something for all thats wrong with mE i look at myself and ask, how can i love her, i dont know but i just know that with all of my heart i JUST DO.

    2. Only if you'd give mE a sign that you want to be mine, then you'd find that together we'd be fine, instead you play your game and choose to play with time, perhaps youre being hard to get thinkin i'll come running, BUT to mE and oNe YOURE only being deliberately BLIND.


    3. If you read this you probably couldnt feel the love that i miss, if you read this you probably forgot how it felt when we kissed, i never knew love could hurt like this, before i met you, now i know im no longer more but less since the day you let mE go. Ive gone crazy, since the day you left losing my heart made mE lose my mind. Now i cant see alone without your love im blind and no longer do i have a home a place with you near not just in my heart but as long as we are together, mE there you here it always seems so cold, only if we could have a brand new start but i've lost questioning how easily love is treated just as a word and so quickly it is used and abused. Maybe oNe day my resurrected worst fear of living with out the comfort of true love to share so innocent will soon pass with the arrival of someoNe new to replace YOU(yet better)whome will love mE with a love so genuine and sincere P.S. perhaps my new love will have the same name and resemble.....well....... someoNe like YOU, maybe in the time i'll learn how to live without can i love someoNe else if i am still in LOVE with YOU?

    4. You love mE, but didnt want to be seen with mE, feared what others might say or think, so you let mE make a fool of myself thinking i could be with YOU, Perhaps when you realize its LOVE that you're without then you'll know what to do... as for mE, i see chances i must take or else it'll be mE that i forsake because i can no longer wait for you :::sigh::: if only it were that easy to erase you from my heart then i could make a brand new start and accept an oppurtunity to take to mE a wife or even at least something for fun i guess. To mE there was something that made mE think YOU WERE THE oNe...

    5. Let mE share with you, my unspoken words, my unsung song, my unkissed kisses, my unwritten poems, my untold stories, my untold love, let mE share with you......mE

    6. Pay this Pay that, put a price on this, put a price on that. Say im worth this and you're worth that, Call mE worthless because with material things or money o cannot be bought. For without LOVE, without YOU, i havent any value.

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