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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-07-24 11:56:00
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    Current mood: naughty
    Current music:Twista-Smoke My Weed

    NaUgHtY oR iNnOcEnT fUn?...
    whas crackalackin mah people! lol jk umm last night was a very VERY interesting night..haha umm well i went to the mall with some homies...Adrian, Daniel, Aaron, Jamie, Stephanie, Andrea, JeReMy, Josh, Arcelio, Wayne, Kimmie, PC, and Seth..yeha the whole crew practically lol but yeah it was a very interesting day this guy was walking and like bumped into mE in the mall this nasty looking white dude like threw his hands up which is like a no no when youre with like black guys haha lol so yeah the whole crew "the guys" went crazy on him like they dragged him outside and got in his face and shit and like pulled out knives and shit i was like omg this is crazy shit..haha but yeah it was fun so then we were jus mobbin in the mall and then like santa rita was straight mobbin the mall yesterday like everyoNe was there it was mad crazy..but n e ways so everyoNe ya know got free food JeReMy and Josh left and what not so we all decided to mob back to adrians house..then thats when like the crew split up..umm it was just mE, Jamie, Stephanie, Aaron, sum Jessica chick was suppose to show but i guess she didnt so, Seth, Raul, and vincent well we all went skinny dippin in adrians dark ass pool at like 11 when the lights were out and you couldnt see shit well it was jus jamie and adrian haha it was funny..well this guy vincent who is a little slow they all said i was "all talk" that i couldnt break the people off i said i could so i was like umm ok what do i needa do? and then they made mE give vincent a "table dance" lol so i was down for it he couldnt touch mE and i couldnt touch him..well i could but really didnt want too lol haha so well i started to dance on him to umm black robs-like whoa and then umm i turned around i grabbed his head and out my leg around his neck then came back and whispered in his ear then turned around again and YEAH I FELT THAT SHIT nasty UGH penises are gross..haha it was hilarious thoe and everyoNe was just rollin omg i was like yeah my job is done here so that was fun shit...then we all decided to play truth or started off kinda slow everyoNe jus choosin truths...but then it got better and this is where the fun came in..steph is umm fillipino and white and she totally looks mexican really hot shes pretty god damn gorgeous well umm she picked mE and of course i was down for the dare so i chose dare and she looked at adrian and she was like do u have whip cream and im like oh god shes gonna phukin make mE do some nasty shit to someoNe and thank god adrian said no i dont have whip cream(which is on the list today haha) and then i was all yes! but then hes all i have ice cream and i was like oh god so then shes all umm ok that will work so he got the ice cream..vanilla and orange twist haha very good stuff and so he came back in the room with it and she was all ok i want u to lick this ice cream and i was like umm waiting for the rest of the dare and shes all will u lick this off of mE n e where...and i was like hell yeah shit..but then in the back of my head was PC...but n e ways so shes all ok where do u want it and i was all this ur dare ur giving mE you choose so shes all ok my stomach but u put it so i put the ice cream on her belly button and then like smeared it around her stomach and umm i went for it haha lol all the guys were lovin it i was too shit haha but then it felt kinda weird cuz her boy friend seth is like my homie and phukin im sittin here eating ice cream off her stomach while her b/f is next to us? ha n e ways so then i finished and was about to get up and shes all youre not done yet lol so i was like ok haha so went back and licked her stomach some more..pretty good haha...ok so then every oNe went around again and then adrian dared mE to "mack" steph lol so i was like ok cool im down...cuz everyoNe always wants to see us make out and we did..and it was kinda long haha i know if i didnt pull away she wouldnt had either..but i had too..haha very good kisser it was all innocent fun and games lol i haha but oh well..i still feel a bit guilty but mE and PC arent together thoe but still oh that was pretty much the whole night we have the same day planned tonight lol cept were gonna be drunk and high off our asses..then we will have cameras and everything so we can record all our fun stuff..i think thats all that happened last ANGELINA JOLIE STARRING IN LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER THE CRADLE OF LIFE comes out tomorrow HOLLA! lol well im out the songs for u fire!

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