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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 19:01:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:Mad Cobra-Flex(time to have sex)

    Once again its mE here...haha everytime i write in here i really wonder if people read this?oh well if not i could give a flying n e ways my weekend was pretty tight considering my whole "speedway" incident haha well that was just phuking great...lmao sunday night i really dont remember what i did..haha monday i hung out with mah woman! yes great times then i went to adrians with jamie and adrian and arcelio then again last night i was over at adrians til i left for my "date" haha wow gotta love it i sure did...we saw bad boys 2! it was phuking hilarious then we ended up going to dunkin doughnuts haha sat there and chilled and talked for a good hour and a half it was bomb i loved it..jeremy has got to be the coolest white boy i know lol and for being totally straight hes got the nicest eyebrows haha oh wow..yeah he plucks em but they look sorry i could just never have a boy friend who takes longer than mE to get ready or has better eyebrows than but jeremy is tight well i dont think id have a b/f persiod its all just cooties..this whole ordeal with crystal..dont know why but she has been on my mind a lot lately...i had fun with josh last night also..hes the coolest muthaphuka i know! as jeremy says :::HOLLA::: haha it sucks a bit that i am younger than them cuz jeremy is almost 22 and Josh is 22..=( yes it sucks but its cool thoe cuz we still hang out..i can chill with big dogs haha and they know lucy and crystal so thats tight as phuk...HOOKUP they are really cool thoe..enough about them..this really hot girl who is spanish and scottish(no names here sum know who im talkin bout)i guess i just found out she is bi haha wow thats so great cuz shes so gorgeous like in a S&M/GOTHIC sorta way...but i dont know if this is true or not ill have to ask but i heard she had like a huge big bull dyke(no offense)g/f which totally upsets mE i dont understand things like that but hey whatever tickles ther pickle (as spree says) today i was thinking about fire.. the first time i ever went into TBR im not really attracted to asian females but she was the hottest fillipina girl i have ever seen in my yeah she was just she just randomely popped in my head..shes tight as phuk too the couple of times i have talked to her..i dont quite seem to understand why a lot of people think strippers are bad or what not? cuz ya know you got your good section and then yeah you do got your bad section but i swear not all strippers are like that..and i guess from what KO has been tellin mE "A LOT of people are hatin cuz im talkin to a stripper" which i dont understand cuz they dont know her but like i give a phuk for all i care..they could say all the shit they want to it doesnt bother mE..cuz you like who u like ya know? but its sad people always gotta hate and that just shows you know people like that have no phuking life or are jealous if they are going to sit there and mad hate on you?..and people you dont know or they dont know you talk shit about you? that makes no sense to mE what so ever..i dont know if im the only oNe but yeah thats just pure craziness...but like they say what goes around comes around...HAHAHAHA think im playing? lol today is a pretty good day very very slow and a bit boring but yes i feel very light headed like im high or something haha..i just got 3 new games for my PS2..i got the sims, grand theft auto vice city, and of course LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER ANGEL OF DARKNESS! yes i have been mostly playing TR im stuck on this oNe part and its pissing mE off i refuse to use cheats or n e thing on this thoe..but its very good if you dont have it you should get it..i was lookin through here and noticed they have a lot of "role playing" on here where like people pretend to be stars like its very funny but i was thinkin hey that would be tight cuz i could pull off angelina jolie! hah what WHAT! :::HOLLA::: ya know since i AM her numba oNe fan..why not? lol but yeah it would be fun..ashley is in phuking vegas right now like 6-7 hours away from mE the closest we will ever probably be and i dont think we get to see eachother im very sad about this but oh well life goes on..ive been a little distant with my interent lover ;) haha faby i feel a bit upset cuz i would come online and we would talk for hours its great but lately i have been very im sorry babe but just know im thinking of ya! well umm i guess thats it for now..ill HOLLA lata buh bi

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IZ kool
2003-07-23 00:44 (link)
Aww GurL thaz Cute heeh thanx for thinkin' bout least someone doez...But yeah dont worry im kool
Juz Have Fun And Take care of yourself!
OK LUV yah


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