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J FiZzLe SyNn PeRSiPhAnY (persiphany) wrote,
@ 2003-07-20 12:43:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:112-Come See mE

    wow...sorry i havent been able to write in here lately i havent been home for the passed 2 days and im still not even home..i went to speedway Friday and Saturday Night met some bombass people all that which hit on mE when they know damn well i dont get with guys...(TOO MUCH DRAMA) it was really funny...met this really cool guy named jeremy haha wow he had like 5 big ass bottles of bud light i aint gonna lie i dont know the oz's on those things but they were huge haha and everytime he dropped it and wasted like half the bottle and turned around and went and bought more it was the funniest thing ive ever seen...speedway is a street out here that cars come out to so they can race and shit or just even chill and look at other peoples nice cars lol...lately i have been at PC's house great times...she called in from work and it was great haha...til i found sum shit out that i didnt wanna hear or know about but what can you do ya know? n e ways im getting to the good stuff now... there was this girl up there she was umm maybe 19 i think she was and she came up on speedway with some guy in a jeep ALLLLLL MUDDY cuz that guy(spike) is a professional rock something where he takes his jeep out to places and fucking just rolls it was funny so when she came out she was giving mE a dirty look and lemme tell you this girl is oNe of those gurls that are like butt ass ugly..i mean phuked up teeth,hair clothes everything..and everyoNe was clowning on some girl named marrianne and then when josh was about to say something BAM there she is she just showed up..i didnt really care for her too much because i didnt know her so i kept my distance..Seth's G/F who is bi is hot as hell and she was all flirting with mE and all the guys were going crazy pulling money out and shit haha yeah PC didnt like PC was going off on steph but its not at all like that so they calmed down but PC is a crazy ass girl maaaan wooo i would be scared of her...n e ways so i was tellin steph she couldnt make mE "scream" haha looong story and IT IS WHAT YOU THINK =) and then spike was all i bet you i could make you scream...NOT WHAT YOU THINK! He's all come in my jeep and flip oNe good bitch and you will be screaming..and then all these other guys started saying they could make mE scream and just flirting with mE and shit and then i see marrianne giving mE dirty not the type of person to really go after people like that i dont go looking for fights so my boy told mE she was talking shit cuz of that..and i guess this gurl kimmie that i was with had my arm on her NOT LIKE THAT and she was looking at mE all cock eyed and shit cuz i guess she used to be like in love with kimmie so i was gettin pissed and then when i heard she was talking shit i was even more pissed but again i kept my cool cuz theres cops everywhere on speedway and thats the only place where we havent gotten kicked off so i didnt wanna start n e thing...well josh this guy marrianne has been wanting for awhile i guess but josh hates her he was talking to mE grabbing my ass and she was gettin mad then he was telling us how she was pregnant and naming a bunch of dudes who fucked her which to mE is disgusting i would so rather have sex with a dog then her...but thats MY opinion. but n e ways i guess she overheard all the names and she came over to us and she was all what about blah blah blah those guys and josh was all im tellin them all the guys you slept with you dirty hoe or something like that i really dont remember then she started getting in his face which to mE is wrong cuz gurls you know no matter what if that guy isnt gonna hit you dont make him look stupid and go off on a guy it just doesnt work you know he aint gonna do n e i stepped in front of josh and then she was all dont stand in front of him and i looked at her and smiled and said i could do WHATEVER THE PHUK I WANT! and shes all im gonna fucking kick ur ass and i thought it was funny cuz you know how some of them crazy ass white girls are (NO OFFENSE) so she wasnt thinking just slapping her hands and shit and then my boy adrian got in between us and she slapped mE on my shoulder cuz i have adrian in front of mE so i couldnt reach out to her cuz i just wanted to hit her in her jaw just once and everyoNe was like let her hit marrianne she needs it blah blah blah and shes all i hate you bitch screaming and stuff which was funny to mE cuz she didnt know mE but yeah OK? so then i was all shut the phuk up bitch before i hit you in ur phuking stomach so hard you wont know what happend..i felt kinda bad cuz she is pregnant and its not the babys fault but thats where i woulda hit her in the first place woulda been the mutha phukin stomach...but she did scracth mE on my finger? who does that seriously? n e ways some huge guy through her in the bush haha oh wow and then she crossed the street to her friends car to leave and when she crossed the street she threw her hands up? HAHA oh funny is that then her friends b/f startin talking shit to john and josh was all grow sum balls bitch and he was all i have balls...he was kinda slow haha it was funny and then some black dude was all yeah your balls are hanging from your g/f's ears and it was soooooo funny everyoNe just started busting out laughing i thught it was hilarious...i havent talked to my spree in god knows when i need to call her when i go home..haha IF i go home im lovin it here with P u have NO idea haha oh well..that was my night LAST NIGHT..imma go eat now i will update you guys more later...HOLLA

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2003-07-21 02:07 (link)
heY gUrL...Damn you had a Crzy night lol...ther was ass grabbing, alchohol, fights, guyz, gurls, Fun Times HUH lol ...yeah well what's up with that Gurl wanting to kick your ass what a crazy chick (yeah white Gurlz haha)....But yeah i wsh i wuz there...I wudda grabbed her while you punched her haha...but N-E wayz i hope you had FUN...OK Gurl TTYL...Luv YAh


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2003-07-22 07:19 (link)
Oh yeah I have been meaning to ask you ...who is this "your spree"?
...OK lUv YaH!!...


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