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Kevin Perks (perkscard) wrote,
@ 2011-12-30 06:52:00
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    PerksCard Reviews Show That The Concept Has Made Shopping Easier
    PerksCard Network is a leading company based in the United States. It provides special discounts to employers, associations and organizations that hold the card. Founded in 1988, the firm was acquired by Augeo in 2008, with an aim to serve medium and large sized organizations with employee strength ranging from 500 to 500,000. It offers several saving and voluntary benefit programs to Fortune 500 companies, school districts, universities, hospitals and government agencies. This firm was started on the Long Island (NY) and later, it expanded its operations across the United States including New York (NY), Chicago (IL), Phoenix (AZ), Boston (MA) and the parent company in St. Paul (MN). PerksCard Reviews show that the card allows cardholders to enjoy shopping as they get attractive discounts on their choice of product and services.

    A PerksCard is a wallet sized ID card allows the members to redeem discounts in numerous ways i.e. in-store at the time of purchase; online by making purchases through a link; via an 800 number using a value code; or through downloadable coupons. The registration process is very simple whereby the cardholders just have to log on to the website and enter their PerksCard number and activation code. Feedback about the PerksCard indicates that the users are highly satisfied with its usage and many renowned corporations, colleges, alumni associations and several other affinity groups have also benefited from the discounts that can be availed by using the card. Moreover, PerksCard Reviews also highlight the fact that the company adopts simple marketing strategies like online postings, client specific web pages, blogs, newsletters, email promotions, etc.

    According to PerksCard Reviews, the discount schemes are not only restricted to the purchase of products but also extends to the services like gym memberships, movie tickets, mini vacations, dining opportunities and much more. Members can access discounts from a growing base of thousands of local and national merchants. With the help of PerksCard one can avail discounts on almost every item that we need in our daily lives like clothing, grocery, movie tickets etc. and that too from some of the most popular national brands. For more information, please browse through or contact on 800-727-3757.

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