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Kevin Perks (perkscard) wrote,
@ 2012-04-16 16:59:00
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    PerksCard Offers Discounts On Online Purchases
    PerksCard is a popular service that provides discounts and benefits on daily shopping. It is a savings and discount program which can be offered by organizations and associations to their employees. It provides an easy way of savings on daily needs like movie tickets, dinning opportunities, mini vacations, gym membership, etc. It allows the cardholders to access huge discounts and benefits on shopping products and services available exclusively from local merchants as well as from most popular national brands. Cardholders can access these discounts at the time of purchase as well as through online shopping. It offers various local discounts in legal services, tax services, party and wedding services, financial services, education, food & dining, beauty products, clothing, home & living, automotive, health & wellness, insurance, entertainment, banking, etc.

    PerksCard network is associated with Augeo affinity marketing company. Augeo acquired the PerksCard network in 2008. They offer a wide range of services such as Affinity Insurance Networks, Call Center Services, Custom Rewards, Discount Networks, Gift Card Fulfillment, Marketing Support Services, Merchandise & Travel Fulfillment, Mobile Solutions, Points & Incentive Engines etc. They provide their services to many small and large sized organizations having employee strength ranging from 500 to 500,000. The members of Augeo can access several benefits in various fields including automotive, banking, business, clothing, education, entertainment, flowers, food, gifts, health, insurance, pets, travel and much more.

    The services provided by PerksCard network made it popular among cardholders and this enabled them to expand its business in various locations across the US including New York (NY), Chicago (IL), Phoenix (AZ), Boston (MA) and the parent company in St. Paul (MN).

    Apart from this, PerksConnect is another exciting service provided by PerksCard. PerksConnect is a new mobile application that allows its members to access daily deals from local merchants and across the country. It offers their services totally free as there is no joining fee and no pre-paid saving certificates are required. For more information about PerksCard Network, visit: or contact on 800-727-3757.

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