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laur<3 (perfectkiss) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 19:51:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:camel toe | fanny pack

    hey buddies! whats up? sorry i didnt update. heres what happend..

    ··· yesterday@!
    lets see.. i went swimming with jess + margo + rachel. i guess it was okay.. we just did the usual hang out stuff.. nothin special in particular. i wore my new Lilly bathingsuit! hehe w0o .. i think a got a lil more tan! yay!
    then when we got home we were going to go to this *midnight swim* thing from 8;0O - 11;O0 but, apparently, there was no guests allowed at jess & rachel's pool that night. i think they went to see Legally Blonde 2 but i didnt go cuz i've already seen that movie.

    ··· today@!
    did nothing! haha just sat around! but sar called [( from Delaware )] so i got to talk to her which was nice becuase i havent in a while. we filled each other in on whats been happening and she told me that shes coming home early which is S00 G00D because she was supposed to get home July 18th .. which was when i was supposed to go away to North Carolina. so we'll have a few days together. yay! i love sarah and i miss her very much! she's bringing her friend-since-childhood Elyse [( they meet up every year at the beach )]. that should be cool.

    ok i have nothin else to say. oh yea; amanda comes home from NATi0NALS tomorrow .. finally! woo i cant wait to see her! eeee i love that girl!
    ima comment you all right now..

    ______<3* lil laur

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2003-07-06 21:23 (link)
glad ur friend is comin home early

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2003-07-07 18:29 (link)
ty me too

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2003-07-07 12:41 (link)
laur !! its laur!! haha they suspended my OTHER journal hahaha so i had to make this one .. add me here !!! i love u u big fat hair dork lmfao

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2003-07-07 18:32 (link)
blurty = gay!
added u!!

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2003-07-07 20:54 (link)
add me?! i'll add yew..
<3 starla

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