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Razorblade Kisses (perfctly_flawed) wrote,
@ 2004-07-07 15:47:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:Iced Earth * When the Eagle Cries

    you let me violate you
    Cory came to my house today. To apologize.
    I didnt accept.

    I hear knocking on my door, and I didnt wanna answer it, and I look out the window to see who it is. I saw corys yellow, 2001 nissan frontier. in my driveway, and im like ugh. (cuz i just woke up and im in pajamas) so i answer the door, and he stands there with a smile on his face, and im just like "What the hell are you doing here?" then i was like "You come to my house to save your ass and apologize, but when I ask you to pick me up so we can go out, you dont?" hes like Im sorry, blah blah, And he showed me all the text messages he sent me,
    for instance, I love you tina, please forgive me, if you dont want to see me anymore ill understand, i dont want to lose you, some lyric to a song...and all that fucking bullshit.
    so he showed me them and i kinda threw his phone at him. and i was like you have no idea how pissed off I am.
    You did this to me three times. Im not gonna wait for you. You really fucking hurt me, you dont even call me? WTF. so yeah we kept going on, and he kept sobbing and apologizing and i didnt answer him. There was even a moment where i thought he was gonna go into a fit of rage. I was like, "give me a day to calm down and stuff" and hes like "We havent seen each other in a week" "then im like "Well one more day is not gonna make that much of a difference," then he pouted. and he tried to get me to feel bad for him, hes like "You know I always end up screwing things up for myself, like Ill look back 2 years from now, and be like wow, i cant believe i did that" and murmered Im sorry, Im sorry... I was like I really dont wanna see you anymore, just go home and dont come back"
    and he left with a saddended face and crap. but i dont care.
    so yeah, we're done.

    My words are weapons in which I murder you with.

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2004-07-08 17:53 (link)
I like your icon :) sorry..random looking at peoples journal things today.

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2004-07-08 19:58 (link)
lol thank you. :-) girl interrupted = awesome movie.
are you one of Katies friends?

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2004-07-08 20:17 (link)
no problem. Yes I am :D

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2004-07-08 22:34 (link)
Go tina for not taking any crap *hug*

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2004-07-08 23:42 (link)
i heart you tina

and i'm glad you didn't take that crap from him
if you wanna hire a good hit man you know where
to find me :) hah

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2004-07-09 00:07 (link)
Ok im gonna respond to all your comments in one shot.

To Katies Friend- Nice meeting I dont think katie likes me all that much. but , you seem like a cool chic. add me to ur friends if you want too. :-)

To Rob- Thank you for hanging out with me, that day when he didnt show up, you and shawn kick ass. lol and we should really hang out more

To Kate- I love you too man, and if any guy fucks with me next time, im sending you over his house with a 15 ft samurai sword to chop off his head. And Im glad that you took my advice. :-) lol that makes me feel special. hope things work out for you. :-)

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