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Razorblade Kisses (perfctly_flawed) wrote,
@ 2004-07-06 19:23:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Jack off Jill * Strawberry Gashes

    kill me faster, with strawberry gashes all over.
    Cory, i hate you. and you really need to drop dead.

    This is what happened......

    He called me last night, and we made plans to hang out today. okay cool.
    Around 2 today, i got in touch with him, and he even asked me if we were still hanging out, and i said yeah come over around 5, and he said..okay.

    Its about 4:59. and i continue to wait.
    Luckily, I had shawn and rob to keep me company. I LOVE YOU GUYS OH SO MUCH. THANK YOU.
    Its now. 6 and he still didnt show up, so i called his cell, and his stupid friend picks up, and im like "oh wheres cory?" "uhhh cory, hes sick"

    can we say...lame? If you are that sick, you dont have anybody over. and if so, ur friend is fucking retarded to watch you throw up.

    so yeah. im mad. you dont even have the decency to call me and at least make up lie to me to tell me you cant hang out, but then you pull that shit. First of all, I have no patience for games. Its all or nothing. dont toy with me you dickless son of a bitch. And dont leave me hanging...thats what...three fucking times? you know what..i am done with you. and if this is because of the whole thing when i deprived you. good im glad. You only want me around when it only conviences you. well you deserve nothing. you dont deserve me. I can find better. and I will. Take your fucking funeral homes, and shove em up your ass. Yeah, you may be "crazy" and you are on pills...I have my moments too..and i dont have pills to supress me. you made me mad. Not cool. And i hope you burn in hell. asshole.

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2004-07-06 22:31 (link)
tina u definately don*t need his sorry ass u can do 10000000x better...don*t go for a honk if you love jesus guy either cuz their creeps n go out with ur mousy ex friend tina girl find a new man that will treat u rite this guy is obviously a waste of time...i love u girl

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2004-07-06 22:43 (link)
ARG! its the little things that make me happy, and the little things that piss me off. I really dont ask for much from a guy, a phone call here and there, hang out with me from time to time. dont mess with my head. thats bad.
My life, just sucks. and its never gonna get better. Just when I think its going plummets. i hate being treated this way. Why do I get the fucking assholes? lmao ::sigh::

anyway, but thank you brittney
i love you too man. i apprechiate it. <3333

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