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Jussy (percyluv) wrote,
@ 2007-02-04 16:23:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music: Its a bNb cafe, not a starbucks

    lol ok, so yesterday, (i work at a barnes and nobles cafe *like a starbucks*) and i made this lady a caramel machiato, the idiot bitch goes to the condement bar, opens it up, prob stirs it w/e, puts lid back on wrong, makes it spill on her hand, comes back to me saying LOOk WHAt YOu DId To Me , she said the drink was too hott and that it was filled way too much to the top............ 1.) It was the temperature we are told to make it 2.) She put the goddamn lid on wrong 3.) You're paying $4 for a drink and u want there to be room in the cup??? so fk her, she filed an accident report, lol and the manager took it, but she was laughing about it later, it wasnt my fault and the lady could do nothing about it pretty much. And ya her hand was red, so what, big deal, i grabbed the grill once while workin there, and i spill coffee on my hands all the time, does it burn, hell ya, lol, but itll get better w/i 15 minutes, its not like she truly burnt her hand like i did when i grabbed the stupid grill (cuz im an idiot and wasnt payin attention lol)

    Anyway, happy thoughts, woot Go BEARS ! i dont even like football lol but gotta root for a team for the superbowl

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2007-02-04 17:21 (link)
Hahah jeez people are so stupid, like it's one thing to go back & say what happend & ask for some kind of cool compress for her hand, but to say that it's YOUR fault, is just plain ridiculous. Why do people feel the need to blame others for their mishaps. I hate people.

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2007-02-04 17:23 (link)
In addition to that, I wonder what was going through her mind when she was complaining to you, like honestly.. If I put the lid back on wrong of something & spilt it, I wouldn't think "omg, it's the associates fault". I'd say .. goddamn that burns, whoops & if it hurt badly enough I'd ask for a cold compress & be done with it.

How stupid.

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2007-02-05 16:13 (link)
lmaoo trust me I kno, I'm always whispering under my breath , I hate people lol...she didn't ask for sumthin for her hand but the manager offered to get her ice, and shes like u better, like we owe her sumthin for her stupidity

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2007-02-06 15:11 (link)
no one likes to take the blame for their own mistakes

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