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Pels Wick (Chad) (pelswick3000) wrote,
@ 2004-09-01 20:17:00
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    Current mood:HAAAHAAAAAAAAAA
    Current music:The Bitching of my parents and torture!

    Hello Hello
    I am having such an awsome day, NOT!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been pissed off most of the day and like there is some little kid (actually he is my age) that wants to fight me. he told me that I need to watch my ass, but I oculd have sworn he said to "wash" my ass. I guess he was going to lick it after I made him shit his pants or something. Ohwell, he can go and die in something, like a big pile of bile (hey that ryhmed).
    Ohyeah anyone who reads this. I HAVE A HARD TIME SPELLING. It is like only when I am on the computer though. I type faster than I can spell.
    I do hope that Jennifer likes me. It is just kinda weird though, becuase like I do not see her at MY school. She goes to Bradley. It isn't like I am worried that she is messing with other guys, because I am not in control of her actions, and I am not technically "going out" with her, although I would really hope would happen. I know that I do not mess around with others. I know that it hurts to get played, because it has happened to me bfore and it SUCKS!!!! Sometimes I probubly gett on her nerves, because I get hyper. The only prob is that I am texting, so it kinda gets annoiing. I wish she could come hang out with me, becuase she would have so much fun!!!! I am not the lets lay around all day person (although I have bdone from time to time), but it is nice to do that sometimes.
    Well now I have Nikki out of my stuff. I am gald, she was all like stocking mem and saying that she was obbssed. Yeha it was BAD. She was like, "I was going to give you a blowjob, does that not count for something?" Then I told her to go to hell for what she is doing to me and my life. It was frustrating, becuase I wanted my own things to do and I wanted lto like who I liked. Take a guess...... I just want her out of my own business. And I do not want ot talk about her anymore. (it feels so much better to realease your feelings in my journal) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    Anyways well I am gonna get off here and look for a calculator my mom wants.

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