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Pels Wick (Chad) (pelswick3000) wrote,
@ 2004-09-08 21:17:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    The pain of happily cut wrists. :|
    Well, SHIT........... my day seems to suck all around. Hewre I am d\sitting on my computer, washing away my tears with the swiftest of winds in my heart.

    Anyways what that means is: I like this one girl. I was happy when I got to seee her, but I am cursed to ruin all realationship, even before they would have started, for instance, I like Jennifer, BUT I told her to let me know if I was getting annoing, BUT NO she did not do that. Now she knows wwhy I asked her too, because I was actually getting in the way. Yeah I thibnk that there is this other guy maybe I don't really know. It is HER decision. Not mine, and it should not be. But yeah (like I said before) I do like her, but she goes to Bradley, her aprents hate me, and she really is like I do not want to be in a realatinship, if I can not ever get a chance to see you, I think she just does not want to bein one, because she isnot ready to be. I never asked to TO GO out with me, I jst asked her if she thikns that she might want to start one up sometme soon. I knew it was way to early, and I have not gooten a chance to take her on a date. I know where she is coming from with the whole never getting to see me, but what is to say I would not be able to........? But that I guess is where the parents come in.

    I think that I just mainly kinda got my feelings hurt, because she new that I was calling, and wpuld not just tell me that she was not in the mood to talk. Instead of just not answering, I guess that is hwat I do to Nikki though, but she stalks me so that is different. I know that I have overusd my welcome, I did not mean to though. Well if she does not like me that is ok. I will just gicve her some space.

    Well bye bye.....................................

    Oh yeah sorry I have been depressed......................................Jennifer.....................................

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2004-09-08 21:42 (link)
Listen, Chad, I didn't mean to hurt you. You are such a sweet guy, I just don't know right now. So many things are out of place right now in my life, I just don't have any time for boys. I really think you are an awesome're right...I'm just not ready. It's not over...I promise. If you ever wanna talk, give me a call.

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2004-09-09 15:32 (link)
you are fine on your own, chad
please see that
i mean i really like the idea of you and jen but i think you need to be okay by yourself before you can really and truly be okay with anyone else. and plus-things are a little wild right now with almost everyone, but it's almost fall and fall is just SO full of new opportunities whether they be new or old. i just think that you are too cool for school. and i hate to think that you are hurting. and i also know that jen would never, NEVER intentionallly hurt your feelings. you can trust me on that.

i love you!!!

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2004-09-09 15:35 (link)
sorry-bad grammar and there is not another guy. just be persistant and don't give up on what you really want.

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