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unknown (pedalof_therose) wrote,
@ 2004-09-12 13:57:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:happy happy, joy joy

    OY: what happens at jennys house stays at jennys house
    there are 10 things i learned this weekend
    1. what happeneds at the creek stays at the creek
    2. pots make good bras
    3. japanese voices are funny
    4. water beds are fun
    5 4 people can fit into a shower
    6 never put sand on a misto bite on your crack or a heart around it
    7. japanese disco anyone* does the point*
    8 blue thongs give you misto bites
    9 if you do drugs you'll blow up toyko
    10 LOL bouncings what tiggers do best

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2004-09-13 19:20 (link)
See now? You learn so much more at my house than you do at school. X3;;

We've GOTSA do that again sometimes. When the next movie comes out, fer sure!!!

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