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Chrissy (peasaregreen) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 15:34:00
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    Current mood:i'm alright
    Current music:my favorite sunny day real estate

    This is my long good-bye
    Well considering no one writes in here anymore, i think this will be my last entry. This thing used to be a way for you to release your thoughts, connect with your friends, and so on. Nows its just an empty road. I might as well just write in a notebook to release stress. No one really reads this, so a notebook will do just fine. So far my classes are good. I'm already in the school mode. I feel dead but routinely walking around. Today felt weird, kind of like a dream. Things didn't feel real at all. I don't feel real right now. I'm glad that i talked things over with norm. It made me happy. I missed talking to him a lot. I wish i had a larger vocablary because i would be able to explain myself a lot better. I hate highschool, i hate petty situations, i hate groups, i hate its way of life. I love the friends but highschool just makes these things complicated. And my emotions are running crazy. I like my dreads though.

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keep writing
2003-09-08 18:28 (link)
I'm reading

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