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i bastard (pd_baker) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 18:46:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:david bowie- ((((((((((1984)))))))))))

    big words wont cover up ugly actions
    im so lonely, i was ditched out of going to my friends concert since i had no ride.and now im stuck here on the computer by times like these i would resort to skating the office buildings across the street, but i aint got no board!!!.. i broke it yesturday : ( and i have no cash to buy a new one.

    yesturday was fun though. jopey,swanson,paul, and i just hung out and skated. it was a fun time,we wtached the steve-o movie, that movie is not really into all that jackass shit though,and i think bam margera sucks balls ,,anyway we went out skating and ther was this nice little gap at the local lil' peache that was easy, we hit that for a while until my nose broke doing a damn frontisde 180. i was pissed, but that board was already over due.. i almost hit a squirrel too, i dunno but this thing just came crosing the street right as im bombing the hill. it was seriously about 7 inches from the front of my board. haha i woulda felt like an asshole if i killed it.

    its real hot outside now, and i have no pool, ...damn, if only i had a slip'and'slide.. theeen ide be be pimp'n it/

    i think im gunna go fool around with the tivo now.

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