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Wolf (paws68723) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 14:17:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Thurday - Understanding in a Car Crash

    Hey there....back! Well, not like it matters if no one's gunna read this but me..... :( Any ways, i'm so bored ...i've got a geometry project, AND and chemistry project! Ugh..... at least the chemistry one is easier.... yawn. I'm over at Jessica's again and i hafta try to do the projects before i go only problem is that i'm very slow-ish when it comes to doing work. I've got school tuesday 'cause right now i'm on winter break......boy, is my life boring.... Yesterday I saw the DVD Bend It Like Beckham....or whatever its called (technically, i saw about 3/4 of it since the DVD was acting screwy at some point) it was cool....i wish i could play soccer (footbol) like that girl... i barely know many moves (dad's got his own team and he's teaching me alot.... did i say this before?) but i wanna play really well so it might take me a while... I've got too much on my mind... i heard that progress repots in my HS mean your'e failing a subject but i didnt get one.....yet i know i'm not doing that great in History and geometry......and i'm starting to go down in english (for the first time ever! not that i'm not humble about my progress, i mean i never go showing off my grades in english, but at least when i talk about it i can tell them i'm not failing) and i LOVE english... i'm not doing that great in health class...or chemistry, but i think i'm going up a bit on Chem. so i'm guessing my progress report is late or something....still, Open House is getting nearer and what will i do if my parents see C's and F's and B's (B's are good for me but my parents think B = Bad, they also think C's = crappy, D = disasterous....and well they know what f means....even though i've tried telling them it means Fantastic)....I wish i could go back to A's like i did in 5th grade and stuff ..........................Oh well (sigh) .... I'm a bit excited about the third Harry Potter movie... it comes out in theaters 4 days before my birthday (yay!) As I think i mentioned at some point or another, my b-day's june 8th. I'm sooo lonely sometimes (like now) :'( I can't wait to see the H.P. movie...i know that Daniel is going to be in the 4th movie which prolly means Rupert and Emma are gunna be there too. ....I wanna move to London....that'd be cool....i would love to meet the people in that movie (hi emma, rupert,dan!, Can i get your autograph? no, i'm not one of those "OMG! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!" girls....just a lonely wolf pup)... oh well, i'm going crazy now....well, gotta start on those projects....bye bye...

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