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barsik (passenger11) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 14:19:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:christina agulearas- beautiful stuk in my head!!>_<

    ive been working at the house lately, fuking kinda suks doin the work! but i work fast and im liek the onli one tha knows what im doing, so its all good, i took a break yesterday, n my dads like oh u wanna work on this?? im liek kid i jusss told u imma take a break! geezzzus! man i miss seein rosanna! babbi!! i miss you! we gotta chill soon!, so me tania n jen were suposed to go to tbowl but iono i go all the time n iono something was buggin me bout it, so tambi was juss liek well since ri told u bout it b4 juss go wit us, so i was liek cool, so i went wit them i swear it was liek 30 mm should i name why not..tambi, riad, dina, lana, nora, yasmin, leeda, dunay, his cuz, iono a bunnchh people to the haunted house in spring field, but it was a 4 hr wait! so we juss were liek fuk it well go next week for lana's bday but iono if thas going to happen ill talk to lana bout it, so i went to jens house right after school, cleand wit her, then i went home n selma came over n then we went bak to jens..tambi ri shan bo n tania came, tamer s stopped by later on. well pple acting weird yo im kinda sik of it,
    selma i love u

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