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barsik (passenger11) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 23:53:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:jay-z 'n' some otha guy-you know tha weird indian song...

    im so full!
    yeah , well i'm jus chillen chattin wit amaf, waitin for the front of ma english project to dry so i can continue....i didn't update in a while cuz ma sister had the computer. yeah, this weekend was iight, i went to 6 flags, which was awesome!..hehe that night i was suposed to go to the wedding wit reema, but she bailed so i went wit other pple, it was a cute wedding, i wore this cute black skirt n a beige shirt wit like scrunchy sides....uhhg my feet hurt so bad, i could barely walk!!! madd pple were there, saturday was cute, i was suposed to chill wit sarah j and aslan and his friends, cuz yeah but it didnt end up happening, everyone that was at the wedding ended up goin to the cba that night then goin to i think nycaround 1130, i stayed bak n hung out wit sarah n jen.. i was kinda out of it, man i was so tired alll weekend!! on sunday i, uhh, stayed home, i felt sick,i still kinda do =( im so tireddd! i wanna go to bedd, but i have to finish the english shyt....i hung out wit elif today, she came over, n we juss chilled......

    dude i feel like shyt, i've been so drained lately, i have no enery AT ALL! even if i sleep for hours! it don't matter, school is such a stress, yo its juss killen brain imma go take a nap, then go finish ma project....latter...mwa

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