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barsik (passenger11) wrote,
@ 2003-06-03 18:12:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:tori amos-scarlet's walk

    looking past it..
    well this weekend wasn't the most eventful,went outlet shopping and to the cba on sat and went to Chili's and to see the Italian Job with my sister on sunday, it's cool to chill with her, i'm happy we got closer.
    monday sucked, too long! i really hate school, i can't wait till its out! I mean imma miss onli a few pple, other then that, i see most of my friends outside of school, i hate teachers and work,i'm such a lazi person..hehe
    today was weird,i was doing SNL impressions all day, but no one got me! how sad..pple these days, not watching SNL!

    i got into a fight wit a close friend, not so sure how close we are anymore...*shrugs* was over something stupid too, i don't know why i waste my breathe on pple like who fought over, i swear that somepple are so selfinvoved to notice things that go on around them, oh well, neways,i don't know me n her stand, i don't wanna lose her as a friend but im not going to go begin for forgiveness either, im not like that, i speak whats on my mind, when its on my mind, and if pple have a problem with that, whatever..they can deal wit that on there own.
    she had the NERVE to say that it wasn't my place and that its not my bussiness! it's more mine then it is hers!! i'm not gong to say anymore, it'll give it away, n i dont like to talk shyt, or make drama yeah

    i wanna go tanning!, im white. i dont have the money to tho, whatever, im still darker then most pple. mb my dad will give me money for tanning...mb i'll get a lil color in 6flags...oh yeah! im going to 6flags on fri!!! wooo yeahh!!....
    tomoro we have to walk to the PAL..for some stupid fire drill type thing..blah!......
    ..i think i might have a crush on someone..
    not so sure tho..
    ok thas out yo

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