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partypunk5 (partypunk) wrote,
@ 2005-03-03 22:44:00
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    the evil mirror of disgust
    so I went shopping today....for bathing suits for my trip to CA (spring break) BAD NEWS!!! bathing suits+mirrors=total bad news. So I'm setting a fresh goal. Weigh 82lbs in two weeks. With drama practice starting hardcore, it should be easier...especially since we'll be doing some dancing. (along with my usual exercise, which i've been major slacking on) I shouldnt be allowed in anything less than sweats and a hoodie. I havent stepped on a scale in about a week, and I'm soooo scared. I'll i'm prolonging that as much as possible. Which will probably be until tomorrow afternoon. hope everyone is doing better than me...

    I almost got my period back today....OMG total freak out. like i got the warning signs, but then nothing-- IM SOOOO GROSS!

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2005-03-05 16:32 (link)
hey --- my name is shannon and im part of the proanamia community you are a member of and i was just wondering how you lost all your weight? how long do you fast for? daily caloric intake? im currently stuck and havent lost any weight in a while :( if you could let me know that would be great!!

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2005-03-07 22:32 (link)
hey shannon~ well recently things havent been easy since my parents are now somewhat aware of whats going on. however, I'm still going strong. I slowly limited myself on calories when i first started, cutting back 100 per day..since going cold turkey totally blows and you will end up gaining everything back plus more. everything in moderation. I usually try to fast for 5 days at a time. this way I dont feel like I need to punish myself for when i eat a little chocolate or something on the weekends. I also lost all my weight because I'm a bulemic....which i dont exactly recommend. more health risks than i'd like to think of. if you have any more questions or anything...lemme know! im here to help!

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