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Miss. Alanious (paranoideyes) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 13:34:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:truth hurts-deep purple

    chaos, just chaos
    well, its 1:39 right now. in case you were wondering. yesterday was halloween. we had so much fun ,(we meaning meagan, priscilla, and katie) my costum was badass. haha. but we didnt go to many house's becasuse it got boring. we met like 20 people. god we always meet a lot of people everywhere we go. first there was abou 10 people outside my friedns house and this guy just started dancing behind me, later he huged me and he was sweaty and shit. aw dude the other guy took my glow glasses. o well. they were just following us around so i through a brick at him while he was skateboarding. classic. later we met some other guys. they were cool i guess. i only remember ryan. they went to conway last year but i dont remember them. then we saw some other people, didnt like them.

    later at my house we got a video camera and just started messing around with it. we made like 3 movies. hahaha. that was funny. then we took some pictures. fuck i wish i knew how to put pictures on here.
    i think im going over to mallory's house soon. i love it there. we always lite fireworks and her neighbors are asshole so the cops always end up comming. priceless. that god for explosives. i didnt mean to write this much. its not alot. i used to write a shit load. haha. i finally broke the habbit! woop. alright now kids. im out

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2003-11-01 13:55 (link)
i think im sick of alll the candy i ate mann. oh yeah ryan and patrick and his firenda were going to beat up the guy on the stakbored . hahahah what an asshole . i love halloween

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2003-11-01 13:59 (link)
ther didnt say they were going to beat them up. did they? no. you should be sick from all that candy. haha we didnt get much. i bet you dont have any left. alright now.

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meagan is posting a comment
2003-11-01 20:49 (link)
hey there ally,
yes yes hallowen was fun fun. she im posting a fucken comment so dont ever say i dont. i love you ally. yeahryan was hot. lol. the bo dude he was crazy. lol. did they realy say that they were going to beat them up? i dont remeber that. o well..
oh yeah you have a deep purple you said Deep Purple. then you said "im out" who else says that. im trying to think....ok i love you bye bye

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Re: meagan is posting a comment
2003-11-02 00:06 (link)
"oh yeah you have a deep purple you said Deep Purple. then you said "im out" who else says that. im trying to think....ok i love you bye bye"

what the fuck? that doesnt make any sence. no, it does make sence to someone i just cant see.
no priscilla is fucked up they never said they were going to beat them up. i would have had to get all ganster on their ass. haha. thanks for commenting. i love you. alright now. tell me what you mean by what you said above.

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