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Tani Tachibana Izaki (paradox7) wrote,
@ 2004-02-29 02:21:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Gackt - Last Song

    Yesterday was fun, lol. I went out with mom to go shopping and watch movie XD We arrived at around 10:50 am.. bought tickets.. and you know since it was morning, so people are at work and school and stuff, so there was nobody at the cinema (only two rows were occupied :P) .. We got really GOOD seats.. right in the middle at the back @_@;; That was the best seat ever, rofl XD Except for that stupid chinese guy beside me who smell. EW.

    Ju-On 2 (contains spoiler)
    Okay, how was the movie? Creepy but not scary enough to scare the living hell out of me. :X I was just like "........" through the whole movie.. but the first half an hour or something, it was boring cuz when you see that kid, and you thought something shocking would happen, it DOESN"T. So you'll feel disappointed, rofl. But in the middle of the movie, that's when it gets creepy. It's confusing really if you haven't watched the The Prequel and Ju-On 1, cuz you won't know how the movie goes.. The scare tactic is pretty much the same.. that creepy woman crawling and the animated-like ghost which I REALLY love <3 Except for some new scare tactics :P

    From a Malaysian reviewer who said this movie is "supposed to be the answer to everything, but it just leaves you pondering still" ...she/he was wrong o_o What she doesn't understand is that (spoiler) this is in fact the answer to everything. If you watched it, you KNOW that Ju-On is a neverending grudge.. the anger will NEVER ends.. it's not like somebody would put a stop to the two angry mom and son, NO. It's actually the beginning... and get this...Kayako is REBORN. Hard to explains -.- Go watch it. So she/he shouldn't give such bad review on Ju-On 2 just because she's too stupid to understand XD But you know, I was freezing cold in the cinema ...and the movie seemed like it would never end, rofl.. :P

    I wanna watch it again XD

    Birthday Presents
    What did I get from mom? XD The Charles Dickens "The Annotated Christmas Carol : A Christmas Carol in Prose" that I wanted badly and lunch at Pizza Hut! <3 It's been a while, LOL. The book is great, with notes and details on Charles Dickens' work XD Quite expensive though.. like RM90.. that's in MPH Bookstore.. at Kinokuniya, it's RM120 O_O;;; After that, shopping! <3 Mostly I bought alot of snacks :X They have COLOR Twisties (The corn snack) which can change your tongue into 3 different colors like orange, blue or green.. I bought one to try it and this morning when I ate it, IT TURNED MY TONGUE BLUE.. and my lips too.. and my mom was freaking out. She was like "OH MY GOD why are your lips blue like you're dead??" I was laughing at that :P

    Binary College
    I got a call from that college today and had a long talk, lol. Seems like it's cool to register there.. but I wanna try for Lim Kok Wing still... >.< They have graphics design and game making major.. and I'm like O_O; So now I dunno.. Living there is cheap though, lol. Instead of living in Cyber Jaya (a place here) which would cost like a fortune for a condominium room.. this one wouldn' erm..

    The Sixth Day
    I finished downloading this earlier today.. I LOVE every single songs in it.. er.. it's not just an album of Gackt's previously released singles, it's a REMIX of them XD With added guitar and stuff and a bit fast beat and more cheery :D I thought I'm not buying this album cuz face it, it would cost a fortune like the Crescent album but since I love all the songs in it, I'm gonna buy anyway -.- It'll be my 2nd most expensive album that I will possess......

    Ikebukuro West Gate Park
    I've been wanting to see this daymn dorama for like AGES. It had Tomoya Nagase, Ai Kato (from Heaven Cannot Wait 2), Yosuke Kubozuka (was in Long Love Letter) and Yamapi.. At first I wanted to see this drama because it has that gang stuff.. <3 I love that, lol. I finished downloading 7 episodes of it (with #6 still 'hanging'...... gah) and I've watched the first episode... O_O; Too violent.. lol... But I like it <3 I like Yosuke more in Long Love Letter though.. he looks hot in there.. but he's a badass in this drama.. I like too <3

    Wishing Stairs (spoiler)
    Actually I watched Wishing Stairs earlier this month but at the same time I was chatting and making examples to Papi, Cy and Nullz about the movie and changing the characters name into our name so I got confused at the movie. So I watched it again today, and I love the movie XD Actually it looks like a lesbian movie o_O; But not scary :\

    It's about two best friends So-Hee (Me ^.^) and Jin-Sung (this would be kelzdipz haha) in an all girls boarding school. They both loves ballet and they're going to have a ballet competition. Now So-Hee is the greatest and everybody thinks she would definitely win and go to ballet school in Russia or something. Jin-Sung wants to win so she started avoiding So-hee. Then she met Hae-Ju (this would be ryushimitsu), who is a fat girl with orange hair and obsessed with So-Hee so she made a wish at the Wishing Stairs to become slim..and she did..

    Jin-Sung met with Hae-Ju and was suprised to know that she got slim after wishing at the wishing stairs in front of her dorminotory. So Hae-Ju told her that if she believes in it, when she climbs up the stairs, the 29th step will appear and her wish will be granted. So that night she went and made a wish that she would win the competition. The next day they had an audition, and So-Hee won so she would be competing.. and Jin-Sung was avoiding her and all .. and told her that she can't stand So-Hee.. so So-Hee was begging and stuff saying how she's her only best friend.. but Jin-Sung was pissed and accidentally pushed her down the school stairs.. With her legs broken or something, she couldn't compete. So Jin-Sung wins.

    She tried to visit So-Hee at the hospital, but she couldn't see her when she saw So-Hee was terribly upset and depressed. She wouldn't even wanna talk to Jin-Sung. Later that night, she came into the room and they played together. So-Hee told her she made a wish that they would always be together and Jin-Sung confessed that she only wished that she wants to win the competition. The next day, she found out that So-Hee died before she came into her room last night O_O; She was hella shocked.

    Then Hae-Ju, the obsessive girl was REALLY sad on So-Hee's death.. the whole class makes fun of her. And there's this bitch (this would be nullafy lol) who keeps making fun of her. So she climbed the wishing stairs again and made a wish that So-Hee would return .. and she did -.- So she possessed Hae-Ju.. so now she looks almost as pretty as So-Hee with her hair dyed black and stuff. So that's when the terror starts.. Jin-Sung and So-Hee (whitey ghost) Hae-Ju (you can tell she's possesed cuz she looks like So-Hee)

    Okay, I'm gonna go read my book now XD Ciao!

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2004-02-29 01:16 (link)
wehehhehe...lesbo story :P

i always liked jin-sung's hair...all the way in the movie i was like, "OMG!OMG! i wanted that haircut!!!" :P
but then...always stucked up with the old hairstyle...

but the way So-Hee's died is wayyy to creepy.... =.='''''
and hae-ju too....

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2004-03-02 23:56 (link)
Yeh I like her haircut too! <3 And So-hee's :X Long and straight :X
Yeh the way they died are way too creepy @__@;;;; Likes..@_@

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2004-03-01 00:57 (link)
ano sa~
tany...can you help me pls? i dunno how to move the journal border into the layout...err...i mean...
kotak post tue tak boleh nak masuk betul2 ikut layout yg i buat. mistakenye i buat layout tue guna laptop so tak boleh nak view 1024x768 pxels.
tolong ajar ye???

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2004-03-02 23:59 (link)
Hai XD I'll try to teach you.. but you'd have to get on AIM cuz i dun think we can talk in here :P :P

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