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Tani Tachibana Izaki (paradox7) wrote,
@ 2004-02-19 00:25:00
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    Current music:Arashi - Gorimuchuu

    I heard the whole single of "Pika**Nchi Double" from Arashi XD It was good! I love Gorimuchuu.. so rock-ish XD Michi Double is not much different from Michi, except with different lyrics XD The single came out today :D I doubt I'll ever get mine since the store owner is a doo doo head. I haven't even received my Natsucon DVD yet for crying out loud. Let alone other stuff -.- Hmmm since Michi Double is not that important, I'm gonna buy the normal edition of the single cuz I love the cover. Matsujun prefers the normal ed cover too. I also downloaded the "Fundamental Loop" PV by FLAME. Yusuke and Hisato looked good in the PV, but honestly to say, I don't like that song that much -.- Maybe I'll get used to it soon *shrugs*

    I also heard the mp3 of "Sotsugyou" performed by the Johnny's Jrs. .... they ruined a perfect Tackey & Tsubasa song >.< Except for Toma and Kame, the sounded good. Yamapi? GAH. Thanks to Ami for uploading it ^^ Also, I watched Arashi's Pika**Nchi Double performance in Music Station. Arashi didn't give their best perfomance, many people say they were off-key .. well Sho sounded weird -.- Maybe he was sing x.x And Nino.. he was so energetic, you could hear his voice clearly and louder than others O_O; Ah well -.- I thought they were okay :P They had the guts to sing live! xD

    I have tons of stuff to do, and I feel so restless this week and I have no idea why. It's like sleep all day, wake up for a few hours and get tired again -.- I haven't been able to continue my fic. Shall do that soon XD Then tomorrow I need to burn some WFL (w-inds., FLAME and Lead) clips and send it to my friend in KL cuz I received her money today XD Then I need to study for Japanese oral test O.O Then I need to re-read Eri's fic and upload it in the Surside Jam site XD I'll do that in a few mins XD Need to dance for a lil while cuz I swear I'm getting heavier by the minute x.x
    Currently Feeling: tired

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2004-02-18 23:35 (link)
OMFG ::faints:: WHERE DID YOU GET THE FUNDAMENTAL LOOP PV????? ::grabs on:: tell me please~~~ I want to see it ^^;; har har I can't wait to get the single... heard the tune (but no singing verses) on their website. Ahhh~ sounds like Chemistry stuff O_O I want to see the PV!! ::whines::

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2004-02-20 16:04 (link)
I got it from bittorrent XD I think that's the addy XDDD The song is sorta slow and nice, but not to slow.. nor too upbeat XDDD I love the PV tho! They all look hot! XDDD

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